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The Real Reason Behind Oil Price Rises – An Interview with James Hamilton

The topic of oil we view the same as we view the topic of climate, sufficiently large and controversial that it could consume every waking hour we have and we might only be scratching the surface. So we stick to publishing only the occasional piece. We felt that this interview with James Hamilton that we were given permission to republish was a particularly good overview of key issues including:

  • Why we shouldn’t get too excited with the shale revolution
  • The “Real” cause of high oil prices
  • The incredible opportunity presented by natural gas
  • Why long term oil prices will creep upwards
  • The geopolitical hotspots that could cause an oil price spike
  • Why sanctions could cause Iran to lash out
  • Why speculators and oil companies are not to blame for high oil prices.
  • Changes we can expect to see under a Romney Administration
  • Why Short term oil price forecasts are worthless
  • Peak oil & Daniel Yergin

The interview conducted by James Stafford of Oilprice.com follows:

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