Daily Archives: September 12, 2012

Flash Point: Libya In the Arab Summer

Remember how we (the West) went into Iraq and removed an evil dictator so freedom and democracy (Western style) could flourish? That worked well. Then we went into Afghanistan and destroyed the evil Taliban so freedom and democracy could flourish. That worked well too. Being on a roll and seeing the Middle East crying out for freedom and democracy in what we dubbed “the Arab Spring”, we cheered them on. It worked in Egypt, right, with the Muslim Brotherhood now the de facto government?

Libya took a bit of doing. We had to bomb the s**t out of them to get rid of an evil dictator but in the end it worked out well as we see their gratitude displayed in today’s news:

This just proves how deep our understanding is of other cultures, most of which we find need some assistance to become like ours. After all, it only takes a year or two of assistance from our bureaucrats and academics to erase several thousand years of native institutional thinking and sectarian and religious identity to create an entire new set of institutions which the populace will embrace with joy.

At the same time we are so thankful that we are  a democratic and free people not living under some dictator, because then, who would come to our aid?

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