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Flash Point: What You Won’t Get from the MSM

While there is so very much that you won’t get from the MSM (main stream media), we want to try and give a sense of how much of the Muslim world is wrapped up in fundamentalist theology as assessed by the extent of protests and riots over the current film crisis. From Stratfor, this morning, we have so far received these references:

That’s today’s new up to 10:00 AM; form your own conclusions.

Flash Point: Good Luck Or Good Planning?

Suppose you were a Muslim enemy of the US and you wanted to commemorate your great victory of 9/11. What would you do? Your thinking might go like this:

The continental US is buttoned down fairly well but its extensions through its foreign embassies are more accessible. Intelligence tells us that the Libyan embassy in particular is poorly secured because the fools think that they have created this wonderful democratic environment of peace and freedom.

Suppose we were to incite a riot – create a mob that would storm the embassy. We could then slip Commando Team A into the country and infiltrate the mob. We know the Americans have safe-houses for personnel for evacuation to during an attack. If we create enough confusion, we can hit the escape convoy as it emerges from the embassy’s back door.

But how do we create a good riot? Hey, you know that obscure YouTube video clip about the Prophet. Well what if we raised awareness of it in the Muslim world. That would dependably create a large response. After all, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. But the timing is important. It will take a couple of days to get Imams up to speed on its contents. Another couple of days to incite populations. And another couple of days to organize the anger into actual riots.

Now who do we have that can dub in Arabic subtitles and how long will that take? OK, get Ahab working on it for a Sept. 4th release. Lets get our Imam in Benghazi briefed and ready to speak on the 8th. We’ll start the rumors on the 10th and get our operatives to form the mob on the 11th with a 2:45 objective in front of the embassy. That should catch all the personnel inside.

Everybody know what to do? Good. Let’s get on it.

Was it good luck or good planning?

(Note to any American intelligence officials reading this, our code name is not Condor)

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