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Flash Point: Where’s the Thunder?

Anyone who has witnessed a thunderstorm knows that there is a delay between the lightning flash and the sound of the attendant thunder. As an aside, those who witnessed no delay cease to be witnesses (not a trivial point). As another aside, by counting one thousand and one, one thousand and two, … one can get a rough idea of the corresponding distance away the lightning was in miles, one or two miles …

Anyway, when the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Wednesday we started counting. Recall that in response to the avalanche of news items from our regular sources in response to the American video, we published Flash Point: What You Won’t Get from the MSM. Within a few hours, most of the Muslim world was on fire. Now we repeat the exercise tabulating the response to the french insult to the Prophet:

  • Iran: Protests Begin At French Embassy: Up to 100 people protested at the French Embassy in Tehran on Sept. 20 after a French magazine published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, AFP reported. Police around the embassy compound prevented the crowd from approaching.

So more than 24 hours later, that’s the response from the Muslim world. The West’s response, however, has been another matter with critical comments in most Western media such as this from Spiegel Online: France to Shut Embassies Over Muhammad Cartoons.

Admittedly the lightning strike might have been farther away than we thought with the thunder still on its way. Should the Hebdo event in the end turn out to be a flash in the pan instead of a lightning strike, we will have learned a very interesting and critical lesson. That the response to the video was not a response to the defamation of the Prophet but an expression of a strong, latent ant-Americanism. If that’s the case, Obama can shrug off responsibility for the video but he must come to the realization that he and his administration own the problem of anti-Americanism.

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