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Flash Point: More I**amic Terrorism

Given the Obama administration effective injunction against making any association of terrorism with Islam, we present this extract from Zero Hedge this morning:
… the first alleged terrorist bomber, 19 year-old Dhjokar Tsarnaev, born in Kyrgystan, … his brother, 26 year-old, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, born in Russia … [who] died overnight in a shootout with the local police … was very religious … . His YouTube page can be found here: on it can be found videos of Islamic preacher Feiz Mohammad.
And of Islamic preacher Feiz Mohammad? Wikipedia states:
In 2007, the Australian Federal Police investigated whether 16 DVDs of Mohammed’s sermons, called the Death Series, broke laws against sedition, racial vilification, and inciting violence and terrorism.

In short we expect this to be an Islamic terrorist attack, whether or not it is associated with any Islamic organization. We also expect the Obama administration to portray this as disaffected youth with American society to blame for not reaching out to the poor dears and integrating them, but certainly no connection with radical Islamic teaching.

Supporting the idea that they might be Muslim is the statement from the father cited by Zero Hedge: “Ok, Thanks to Allah you were not close to there and did not suffer.”

Also read: Massachusetts Governor Sowed Seeds Of Islamic Terrorism In Boston Years Ago

Flash Point: Bird Flu and You

The following is a letter we received today from Davis Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Cumberland Advisors. It will appear shortly in their archive, but most reading this post are unlikely to see it.

If we do the math, we get a 32% kill ratio based on recorded data. This is a bit higher we think than the kill ratio for our regular annual influenza outbreaks (sarcasm for those who missed it) and should be watched carefully with precautions taken as David has outlined. This is stay-tuned news rather than stay-tuned-out news. It may peter out and become nothing or it may become a deadly global pandemic. We don’t know yet. His letter follows.

Effects of the Arab Spring so far on Christians in the Middle East

Here is an essay from Paul Merkley: Effects of the Arab Spring so far on Christians in the Middle East, reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work. This is the first essay  in a new series, The Suffocation of Christian Communities in the Middle East.

So far, only one indubitable trend has emerged in the so-called “Arab Spring” and that is towards collapse of all the political structures that were functioning before it began in January, 2012.  Standing out clearly against this noisy background are two unmistakable sub-themes that have received much too little notice in our media.  One is a rising level of menace against Jews, and the other is a rising level of menace against  Christians.

Kyle Bass on Japan: “It All Feels to Me That It’s Right Now…”

We recently featured an essay on Japan titled Japan: Is This a Windshield Which I See Before Me …. It was based on an interview with Kyle Bass. Here is a new interview (hat tip Zero Hedge) with Bass and we extract some of the key points he makes.

Key points are:

  • Japan has never gone through this kind of Schumpeterian period of creative destruction that needed to happen from the financial perspective…
  • The yen will weaken significantly … a loss of confidence in the currency …
  • Interest rates will move uncontrollably once the yen starts to move in a disorderly way.
  • A third of the population is over 60 and almost a quarter over 65. I think they’re going to lose 30 to 50% of their savings. The social fabric will be torn.
  • From Zero Hedge‘s synopsis: At a certain point in time, “nationalist interest takes over the global [G7] kumbaya,” and that is occurring now. If monetary policy is the only lever we have to throw then we’re all in a lot of trouble.
  • There is no way out for Japan in my opinion. It’s a matter … of when and not if…
  • Until the bond rates move and king of call us out we’re going to keep spending.
  • There will be a dramatic spike in (cost-push) inflation in Japan in the next 18-24 months. The US and maybe even Europe are years away.
  • Being complacent today is probably the single most riskiest time to be complacent in our generation.
  • The insidious nature of a run-away inflation is it bankrupts the middle class. … The rich stay rich, the middle class gets wiped out and the poor stay poor.
  • It means social unrest globally.

Socialism: On Obama’s Watch …

Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, posting in Zero Hedge today,The 21 Key Statistics About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America, compiled the following list of statistics that provide a glimpse into the Greater Depression currently consuming the middle and lower classes in the US. Here is the current state of the Union under one of America’s greatest socialist presidents.

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