Daily Archives: March 16, 2014

Palestine: What a Country’s Boundaries Really Mean


We wrote The Ukraine: What a Country’s Boundaries Really Mean as an attempt to counter the colossal ignorance of the West concerning the historical and current significance of the country now called Ukraine. Its current borders and in fact its very existence in any form do not extend back even a century. This is particularly true of the Crimea. Yet we blather and bluster about the Ukraine as if it has existed for a thousand years or more. The same can be said for the notion of a Palestinian state which is even more ephemeral than Ukraine. Yet a large amount of the current anti-Israeli rhetoric falsely proceeds as if it were a country with aboriginal claim and history.

We asked our friend Dr. Paul Merkley if he could put together a timeline on the historical referents and claims to a Palestinian state. His contribution follows with emphasis added by us where we wished to make a point.

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