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Asymmetrical Warfare

The term has come into popular parlance with twentieth century invasions of foreign countries by conventional military forces being effectively neutralized and sometimes defeated by heavily outgunned guerrilla forces. The Russians failed in Afghanistan as have the US and NATO. Interventions in Iraq, Syria and Libya have created the present day chaos ruling those countries. Before that the French and then the Americans fought and lost in Vietnam. Islamic jihad is the current asymmetrical war in process and we are not winning – again.

What saves us for now is that North America is an island separated from primary conflict by wide oceans. We can project force across these oceans to other lands while our enemies in those lands cannot do the same to us directly. The policy extension of this recent asymmetry in being able to kill our enemies is encapsulated in the Predator drone. The following video captures the nature of the weapon and its use.

For us it is the ideals military weapon. We can kill people anywhere anytime whether we know who they are or not, safely from our bases in Nevada.

What our policy does not understand is a crucial nature of the cultures we attack. It is the Hydra. When we kill an innocent civilian – what we euphemize as collateral damage” – we create eternal enemies out of the person’s entire familty. When we wipe out an entire wedding party we make eternal enemies of an entire village. The fact that we do this without warning, disrespecting a county’s sovereignty in the process, we make eternal enemies of an entire country. The fact that virtually all the death and suffering that we have visited on others in the last 2 or 3 decades have been on Islamic communities has reinforced the eternal enmity that Islam has for us.

Make no mistake about it. This is a fight to the death. And we lack the passion and zeal the other side has. This results from the final asymmetry operating here. We are operating from a secular humanist and Judeo-Christian ethic of convert and save your enemy. The Islamic world is operating from a dogma of convert, enslave or kill your enemy. Our position is fundamentally weak and theirs is fundamentally strong.


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