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This new essay from Paul lays out where you stand with respect to Islam. This should be a wake-up call.  We present this essay reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work.

Anyone feeling the need for a quick boost of morale should take a quick look at the site http://www.markhumphreys.com/left.html where he can watch an incredibly brave man, Robert Spencer, the Director of Jihad Watch, as he speaks to a crowd of secular-left and Islamist groups at a Pax Europe rally in Suttgart, Germany, in June 2011:

You are already subjugated! You are already their useful idiots…. You are out here in their service. And you think your fight is for freedom. You are fighting for you own slavery! … You are fighting for the destruction of all the freedoms that you enjoy. You are fighting for the defeat of your own selves, of your own lives. You are slaves seeking slavery. You are the most foolish, you are the most evil, foolish people on Earth…. Shame on you!”

Deep-thinkers in the crowd tried to drown our Spencer’s message by throwing bottles, ice, eggs, and manure at the stage.

By now, we are all well-acquainted with this theatre: massive rallies throughout the Western world, organized and manned by leading lights of the European secular-Left and Muslim activists. They appear arm-in-arm under banners denouncing the Apartheid Zionist Entity and its brutality towards innocent Palestinians. They call down shame upon the pro-Israel bias of Canada’s government, the evil legacy of the Crusades and the “Islamophobia” that informs the perception that they are out of line with our parochial Western values and legal traditions.

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