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2 Introduction to Numbers

This section provides an introduction to numbers. It describes how they are created and what they mean or represent. In the process, the idea of counting is developed. The concept of place value is introduced, as is the concept of the number line.

Multiplication of Integers

Decimal Multiplication

The Decimal Point

In Section 3, we discussed numbers called integers, that could represent a whole quantity such as 3 pies. But how can we represent just part of a whole? What kind of a number would represent half a pie?

Since numbers are built up with place values from 1 to 10from 10s

An Introduction to Numbers and Arithmetic

This page is the start of an introductory course in numbers and arithmetic. We take the overview that all mathematics is a collection of games. Each field of mathematics can be reduced to a set of symbols or game pieces, and a set of operations on the symbols or game rules. The fun and the challenge is to see what new outcome can be found by exploring the interaction of the game’s pieces according to the rules of the game.

It provides part of an elementary curriculum in mathematics. Below is the table of contents.

Under heavy construction.

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