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Flash Point: The False Flag for WWIII

World War III will be fought with the US and NATO on one side against an axis of Russia, China, and Iran on the other. None of these countries are particularly aggressive at this point, being interested in maintaining the current detente on their borders while perusing their outstanding territorial claims.

The US on the other hand views them as emerging regional hegemonic powers and a threat to the American Empire. The US is ready to use its superiority in weapons and naval strength to beat the threat back, using NATO as a pawn in the game.

1 Preamble for Instructors and Self-Learners

This is a course intended as an introduction to numbers and arithmetic. It attempts to make the concepts understandable to persons of young age and/or little background in numeracy. The course was motivated partly by our work with our grandson and partly by the appalling sparseness of the elementary school mathematics curriculum in Ontario.

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