Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

Entering Survival Mode

Survivalism if it is an “ism” has been around for decades as a current societal meme practiced by many. We have become increasingly of such a persuasion. Fixing the world is a waste of time and money – it can’t be done. It’s like viewing a hurricane forming in the Atlantic. Most people will be unaware of it until it is 10 miles offshore; and nothing can be done to either prevent its formation or its development. The solution for New Orleans residents was not to board up windows as the storm approached but to move out of New Orleans long before Katrina formed.

In this post we try and identify where our Katrinas will emerge from and to develop a survival strategy. If you’re interested in participating in this project, write “water at digitaldoor dot net”. To prevent webcrawlers from harvesting this address, replace “at” with the ampersand and “dot” with a period. We lay out below, the structure of the project we are launching.

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