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After a hiatus we post a new essay by Paul Merkley.. We present this essay reprinted by permission of Paul and from The Bayview Review. See the links at the end for direct access to the rest of Paul’s work.

We have seen the Pope’s plan for bringing a happy ending to the “migrant crisis” and we have seen Chancellor Merkel’s – both the original and the revised versions. (“The Muslim Swarm: Part One: Storming Europe’s External and Internal Frontiers,” www.thebayviewreview, September 18, 2015.) Less noticed has been an even more thorough-going  plan proposed by the leader that the Muslim world generally looks up to as the best proof that Allah favors those who honor him openly — the wealthiest and most powerful man amongst them. He, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, will surely know what to do for these poor people. And indeed he does: he wishes them all Godspeed on their way to Europe.

The Deep State

We have come to realize that everything that we see and think contains a subtle and pervasive bias – that everything about our Western world is good and right. Anything that does not align with our interests and beliefs is bad and wrong and to be destroyed. Lately we find ourself questioning assumptions for which we can find no basis such as the United States is good and Russia is bad. To move past these biases and assumptions is to become aware of the Deep State, the power structure that governs the world.

To get a flavour for the Deep State, watch this documentary on Martin Armstrong:

This is a new topic for us to document and explore.

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