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Bits and Pieces – 20161129, Tuesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: I’ve decided to publish this on an ‘as the spirit moves me’ basis. Here’s some current stuff.

Trump team: Trump Picks Former Goldman Banker Steven Mnuchin As Treasury Secretary, CBS Reports, Trump Picks Elaine Chao As Transportation Secretary, Trump Picks Vocal Obamacare Critic Tom Price As HHS Secretary

Main Stream Media (MSM): Of note: Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Gets 12 Times More Coverage From ABC, CBS, NBC Than Her Entire Campaign,

The American Empire (AE): Creating more chaos in the Middle East with the forever war: Obama Creates New Al-Qaeda Out Of Thin Air To Justify His Somalia War. Something nice to leave Trump.On the other hand, Trump has made short work of a number of Obama initiatives and he isn’t even officially installed in office yet. This is going to be a fun ride!

Bits and Pieces: Poor Putin – another headache from the mad man in Turkey: Declaration Of War? Erdogan Says Turkish Forces Are In Syria To End Assad’s Rule. This part is going better however, Assad On Verge Of Biggest Victory Since Start Of Syrian War With Imminent Capture Of Aleppo, as is this Egypt Shuns Washington; Supports Russia-Backed Coalition In Syria. And this as a possible start to defusing the tension between Europe and Russia: Sixteen European States Led By Germany Want Arms Control Agreement With Russia. I would expect a precondition to talks which the EU needs badly would be to lift sanctions on Russia. With not a lame duck president but a cooked and basted president in office the EU must be feeling … vulnerable.

Bits and Pieces – 20161123, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: We see civil unrest as the major global theme for 2017. Certainly it will mark the American scene. Marine le Pen may win in France: Another One Bites the Dust: Sarkozy Outed in First Round of French Elections. There is an upcoming referendum in Italy which will have profound effects. In short, it will be a turbulent year in Europe with the EU and the euro at stake.

On another note, there is so much news on many fronts I’m at a lot as to what to pick. The first US recount is being called courtesy of Jill Stein but likely funded by Democratic sources or George Soros or both: Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Force Wisconsin Recount – Michigan & Pennsylvania Up Next. Maybe Trump should call for a recount in Nevada.

Civil Unrest: Pat Buchanan talks about the rough road ahead for Trump: A Besieged Trump Presidency Ahead.

Trump team: Two new appointments: Trump Offers Ben Carson HUD Secretary Job and Trump Names Former Political Opponent As UN Ambassador, Replacing Anti-Putin Samantha Power. Either Trump is fundamentally non-partisan reaching out to opponents of all political persuasions or he is wisely following that old saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. His statement that he does not intend to prosecute Hillary reversing an election promise might be an attempt along these lines to build bridges. Of course he can change his mind lager especially if new evidence or circumstances arise. It could be a tactic to forestall a blanket pardon of her actions by Obama while he’s still in the Whitehouse. It is certain that Hillary will not change her opposition to Trump.

Trump policy: Trump may be on track to label China a currency manipulator when in fact it is the US that is indirectly the global currency manipulator: China Press Lashes Out – It’s The Dollar, Not The Yuan That Threatens Global Stability and The U.S. dollar is stronger than it’s been in 13 years. That’s bad.

Main Stream Media (MSM): Angela Merkel is desperately trying to hold onto power and is closely following the US playbook with another made-in-USA strategy: Merkel Declares War On “Fake News” As Europe Brands Russia’s RT, Sputnik “Dangerous Propaganda”. This may affect any detente between the EU and Russia: EU / Russian Thaw Hits A Media Iceberg. Also, Is “Fake News” The New ‘Conspiracy Theory’?.

Bits and Pieces: A tidbit on banks: Forget Deutsche Bank, These 2 American Banks Are Now “The Most Systemically Dangerous In The World”.

Previously we had included links to articles that showed that the establishment was regrouping to fight Trump on all fronts. The first strike may be coming: Scientists Find “Persuasive Evidence” Of Vote Hacking, Demand Clinton Recount In 3 States.

Keeping up with Turkey: Major Foreign Policy Shift: Turkey Abandoning EU For SCO. And then this: Europe Votes To Suspend Turkey EU Accession Talks, Sending Lira Crashing To Record Low Despite Unexpected Rate Hike. Merkel had paid Erdogan a few billion to keep refugees out of the EU. What if Turkey gets annoyed enough to force them across the border into the EU?

There are signs that Trump is moving to heal divisions and the public is responding: Trump Victory Sends Black American Consumer Confidence Surging To 22-Month Highs. If a significant number of the non-bvoting public and the ‘vote against Trump’ public can be won over, the attempt by the establishment and the left to overturn the election becomes more dangerous and difficult for them.

Bits and Pieces – 20161121, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Civil Unrest: Hillary is taking the purple revolution forward and Obama is complicit: Hillary Tells Supporters to Effectively Revolt Against Trump. Here is Martin Armstrong’s comments on a question making the rounds: Will Obama Pardon Hillary? Given Hillary’s carefully engineered teflon past and her high degree of hubris, there is no reason to expect that if pardoned, her criminal past will cease. In fact it will probably speed up. With the direction she is going inciting revolution, a future charge of treason may be in store. Finally, Martin Armstrong discusses the role of youth in revolution and armed struggle: The Rising Civil Unrest in America is Highly Dangerous for the Future. We have a generation of youth with debt that is unpayable and undischargable. If they can find jobs at all they are of marginal quality. Their plight will grow in the coming recession. This is like tinder in a dry forest.

Charles Hugh-Smith contributes a short article to the theme of social division and the rise of revolutionary fervor: The Age of Disintegration: Political Disunity and Elites At War. He embeds a YouTube video of Max Keiser who I find always entertaining and informative.

WWIII: The cold war continues: Russia Deploys Nuclear Missiles In Retaliation To NATO “Threats”. Meanwhile, we have cause for hope: Putin Confirms Trump Is Willing To Normalize Russian-American Relations.

Bits and Pieces: Obama’s refusal to identify Islamic terrorists as Islamic terrorists may be about to be overturned by Trump. George Friedman speaks on this topic: Islam and Terrorism.

And an earthquake thrown in: Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Off Fukushima, Tsunami Warning Issued – Live Feed.

Bits and Pieces – 20161120, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: In recent posts I have been including a number of links to current civil unrest and the forces that are behind it. Very powerful adversaries are aligned against Trump (read Anti-American Protesters Storm Trump’s Office and Schumer Says He Has The Votes To Block Dodd-Frank Repeal; Threatens Supreme Court Filibuster). I previously gave you links to two article by Jim Quinn of the Burning platform blog. They centered on aspects of The Fourth Turning (Strauss and Howe), a cyclical model of social transformation. Today he published two more, GREY CHAMPION ASSUMES COMMAND (PART ONE) and GREY CHAMPION ASSUMES COMMAND (PART TWO). The Grey Champion is a figure or small group of figures that guides society through the chaos of the fourth turning. He has Trump as this figure. It is a thought-provoking read.

Bits and Pieces – 20161118, Friday

What We’re Reading Today

Trump team: Here are a couple of major appointments: Meet Mike Pompeo, The New Director Of The CIA, and Jeff Sessions Accepts Trump’s Offer To Serve As US Attorney General. I wonder how prominent supporters like Rudy Giulianiand Chris Christie will end up? Here’s an interview with Trumps chief strategist, Steve Bannon: Steve Bannon Interviewed: “It’s About Americans Not Getting F—ed Over”.

Trump policy: One obstacle to Trump policy removed: Constitutional Law Experts Confirm Trump’s “Muslim Registry” Not Illegal.

Main Stream Media (MSM): The assault on freedom of speech and freedom of the press continues in the EU: European Union Orders British Press Not To Report when Terrorists Are Muslims.

Civil Unrest: More on the establishment organizing to oppose Trump: Hillary “Attack Dog” David Brock Plotting With Soros, Steyer, Sussman To “Kick Trump’s Ass”.

Bits and Pieces: At some point, Trump will have to address NATO and Russia. In the meantime: Ridiculous Lame Duck Agreements: Obama, EU Agree to Keep Sanctions on Russia.

Bits and Pieces – 20161117, Thursday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The Trump tsunami has passed. Now it’s the cleanup phase, and I expect the MSM to discover that planet earth is larger than the US and other things are continuing on. Our attention will probably diversify.

Trump team: Building bridges within the Republican party: Romney Meets Trump This Weekend, Will Discuss SecState Role In New Administration? And one bridge that doesn’t appear likely: Newt Gingrich Confirms “I Will Not Be In Donald Trump’s Cabinet”.

Main Stream Media (MSM): Two articles on ongoing MSM bias: Zero Hedge Targeted On Liberal Professor’s List of “Fake News” Sources and Mike Krieger Rages At The ‘Fake News’ Debacle: “It’s An All Out Media War”. Are we seeing the impact of the biased reporting during the election: Huffington Post Owner AOL Lays Off 5% Of Staff: 500 Workers Lose Their Jobs?

Civil Unrest: This topic has become the current dominant one. Martin Armstrong’s model has a peak for unrest in 2021. We shall see. But disturbing trends are emerging, particularly the acquiescence of the liberal left to the social disorder and violence: Have the Democrats Unleashed a New Age Communist Revolution?.

Bits and Pieces: In the Democratic camp, Bernie Sanders Shuns Democrats: “I Will Finish This Term As An Independent”. The youth vote may follow Sanders wherever he decides to go. This is not good for the Democrats, just as the Trump vote was not good for the old Republicans unless Trump creates a new Republican party with his followers.

A recent discussion with friends involved the idea of repatriating jobs to America. Apple may be considering it: Trump Wins? Foxconn Looks To Make iPhones In America. This process actually eliminates jobs (not American) because companies that build new plants invest much more heavily in automation creating a net loss of jobs associated with the product. This has been going on for a couple of years.

The UN has just come out with a disturbing report backing this jobless reshoring: Two-Thirds Of Workers In Developing Nations To Be Replaced by Robots, Report Warns.

There has been ongoing chatter for the last couple of years about a cashless society. It is moving forward by taking larger bills out of circulation on the pretext of fighting money laundering and illegal activities of all sorts. Pity the poor girl guide wanting to sell you cookies: Sweden Begins Planning Transition From Cash To Digital Currency.

Bits and Pieces – 20161116, Wednesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: None today.

Trump policy: Not directly policy but feeding into it: Donald Trump Latest Interview on Syria & Russia | CBS This Morning. Notice that the media is not combative and that Trump ends the interview on an expression of willingness to talk with the media in the future. Here’s another interview while I’m on the topic: US President Donald Trump’s Shocking interview (Must Watch). Further to my comment on Monday: Obama, Clinton, And Sanders Could Stop The Riots But They Just Watch.

Then there’s Europe. This article gives an overview of the major areas where Trump policies might affect Europe: How Trump Will Impact The European Union.

Civil Unrest: The colour purple: The Color Purple – Not the Movie but a Revolutionary Movement and The New American Communist Revolution?

Bits and Pieces – 20161115, Tuesday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: A short note today.

Trump team: Not exactly part of his administration, the Supreme Court can be shaped by trump: Trump Could Radically Transform The Supreme Court For Decades And Dems Are Terrified.

Trump policy: How Trump may create policy that moves away from continuous war and towards a more constructive isolationist use of American dollars abroad. A Trump Doctrine – “America First”. This is the polar opposite of what Soros and all the globalist institutions want.

Civil Unrest: Someone else shares my view of Soros: George Soros: The Man Trying to Create A Socialist Revolution? More on the Soros-Clinton connection. The purple worn by the Clinton’s when Hillary gave her ‘concession’ speech was quite notable. It will be interesting to see if people pick up on the ‘purple revolution’ theme and compare it to the ‘orange revolution’: The Clintons and Soros launch America’s Purple Revolution. More on the use of professional protesters to support the anti-Trump agenda: Who’s Behind The Portland Riots? 60% Of Arrested Anti-Trump Protesters Were From Out Of State, Didn’t Vote.

The American Empire (AE): George Friedman gives a good analysis of the positions of Russia and the AE. It covers key points leading up to today and presents some Trump possibilities: Russia, the United States, and Donald Trump.

Bits and Pieces: On a different topic: The Catastrophic Consequences Of Peak Oil Demand. Just something for your back pocket.

Bits and Pieces – 20161114, Monday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: I only want to address one issue today. First, read: Soros And Liberal Mega-Donors Plot For War With Donald Trump. The liberal establishment through Soros’ Democracy Alliance, is organizing what I would call a soft coup. That is, without actually assassinating Trump – and that may yet happen – they will try and regain political and economic control by other means. Soros is an expert in funding groups that destabilize governments that he does not like. Look for heavy funding of radical left groups that create or infiltrate riots to escalate the violence and damage. Already we are seeing protests that are not letting up. It has been observed by several writers that neither Obama nor Clinton are making any effort to quell the rioting which begs the question to what extent are they involved in promoting them?

Secessionist movements that have been around for a while have suddenly become prominent. A breakdown of the popular vote by regions, Popular Vote Reality Check, supports the argument for three emergent nations: Secede And Decentralize: An Open Letter To Clinton Supporters. Having gone through one costly civil war over the issue of dividing the country, it is difficult to see that such would be allowed to happen again.

Finally, real obstacles that Trump will face are already emerging: LAPD Chief Refuses President-Elect Trump’s Immigration Plan: “We’re Not Going To Help Deportation Efforts”.

Bits and Pieces – 20161113, Sunday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: As one would expect, Trump is moving ahead on building his team and reaffirming some election promises which will become policy. And the liberal left are continuing what might be viewed as an insurrection.

Trump team: We also have some early key appointments: Reince Priebus Confirmed As Trump’s Chief Of Staff; Bannon Becomes Chief Strategist. This lady should be rewarded: Trump Post-Election.

Trump policy: Judith Curry has published material on what the Trump administration might do in the areas of climate and energy: Trumping the climate. Renewed focus on election promises: “They’re Going To Be Gone” – Donald Trump Vows To Deport Millions Of ‘Criminal’ Undocumented Illegal Immigrants.

Electoral Fraud: Martin Armstrong has written a piece on the DNC and Hillary’s rigging of the election which I has heard once before and ignored as an outlier: The Real Clinton Conspiracy that Backfired – The Worst Candiate in American History.

Civil Unrest: Continuing: Anti-Trump Protests: Proof Of Professional Activist Involvement, and Michael Moore Loses It: Tells Trump “You Lost, Step Aside”, Urges Tom Hanks To Run For Dems In 2020. These people are not going to change and are not going away. I expect that there will be a virtual underground focused on bringing down the Trump presidency. In my forecast that trump will be assassinate, this is one of the key groups out of which an action may come. The other is the Deep State or shadow government. As for the protests: Anti-Trump Protest Day 5 Looms: Denial, Double Standards, & ‘Dump Trump’ Dissonance.

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