Bits and Pieces – 20180825, Saturday


Assad is close to recovering all of the western province of Idlib from jihadist forces sponsored by western interests including the CIA. This is against US interests – or at least the interests of the neocons and energy interests (it’s all about pipelines in Syria).

In past, when rebel forces were being routed they used false flag chemical attacks to motivate the West to intervene against government forces and Assad in particular.

The US has set the stage for the next Western intervention via a false flag attack. John Bolton has advised the public of the coming US intervention: Bolton told Russia the US will hit Syria if Assad uses chemical weapons: report. Russia has warned that such an attack is coming: Russia Warns Staged “Chemical Provocation” Coming In Syria After Bolton Cites New Intel.

Recall the alleged Douma attack. The US acted immediately on first news. It was only some time later when investigators could get in that it was determined that no chemical weapon had been used.

Recall Collin Powell with his little vial of something or other that was suppose to be proof of the WMDs that Saddam Hussein was alleged, to have that launched shock and awe. Except no WMDs were ever found.

So the pattern is clear. Create a showpiece event and attack immediately. Afterwards, use the MSM to ensure that people are focused on something else so that followup investigation ends up on page 39 or the editorial room floor.

The stage is set for the main event as described above. Now we wait.

Do not consider that Assad only uses chemical weapons when he is winning with conventional weapons and then, not on enemy combatants but his own people. He knows when such an event occurs that he gets slapped back hard and that this time he has been told that it will really hurt. So logically he will do it again. Right? As I said, don’t try and think this through. He’s obviously a mad man. Besides who in their right mind would doubt a US government official, especially a war-hawk like John Bolton?

Trade War

Sorry, Don but the jobs aren’t coming home; they are goimg to elsewhere in Southeast Asia and Indonesia; Walmart Tells Some Suppliers To Look Outside China As Maersk Sounds Trade War Alarm. Spread the trade deficit around may be the result.

Propaganda and Fake News (MSM)

With the MSM aligned with the Deep State and whose journalists spend their time crafting the articles of fake news there are few real mainstream journalists left. One of them is Seymour Hersh. Here are a couple of articles introducing hom: Seymour Hersh and the Disappearing Iconoclast and Ten Bombshell Revelations From Seymour Hersh’s New Autobiography.

Recall the Harvard study that showed the bias against Trump? A new study shows that nothing has changed: In Monsters We Trust: US Mainstream Media No Friend of the American People. If you suffer under the illusion that the MSM is not an oligarchic collusion but an unbiased reporter of truth, read this article.

Add to the lexicon of psychologically loaded terminology used by the MSM the word “regime”: A ‘Regime’ Is a Government at Odds With the US Empire. Regimes by their nature require regime change into some institution that does not go against the interests of the AE.

Here is Martin Armstrong’s short take on the MSM and fake news: The Press Conspire to Influence the Elections Come November 2018 to Overthrow Trump.

Political Subversion and Regime Change (CIA)

Here’s an organization you may not have heard of as a source for subversion abroad: Inside America’s Meddling Machine: Max Blumenthal Exposes The Regime Change Promoting ‘NED’.

The US

I gave you the history of the Democratic party as told by Dinesh D’Souza: Bits and Pieces – 20180703, Tuesday. Now Tom Luongo gives us a perspective on the current state of the Democrats . It’s somewhat like what has happened to the Liberals in Ontario: Trump Crosses the Black Chasm, Ends Democrats.

In my last post I discussed the narrative of deep State corruption that is being by the entity known as Q, I did so because the MSM had made a broad concerted attack on Q as conspiracy theory. In other words nothing that anyone should put any stock in. Incidentally, do look up Operation Mockingbird or how the CIA co-opted the MSM.

So that’s conspiracy theory. Now read the facts as put together by Martin Armstrong: Connecting the Dots Behind the Curtain? Sound familiar? And these are facts.


While the Court Jester dances: Canada’s Pipeline Crisis Is A Boon For Russia.

Signs of Societal Collapse

I can’t remember if I have written about the end of democracy but I have certainly thought about it extensively. It seems that we are very much at the point where democracies globally, are ending. Martin Armstrong cites a new law in Australia that assumes you are guilty and requires you to prove your innocence or be punished: Australia Adopts Presumption of Guilt Denying Any Presumption of Innocence Rejecting All Principles of a Free Society. This law indicates how far along Australia is towards a totalitarian state.

This post:

Socialism and the Left

This article about Denmark, Denmark As A Model For American Socialists?, observes that the high cost of maintaining a welfare state works because of the homogeneity of the population. In Sweden, the welfare state is in trouble due to the influx of economic migrants: The Swedish Welfare State Leads To Poor Immigrant Assimilation. These articles raise troubling questions about the future of Canada with its multiculturalism that eschews assimilation.

I quit reporting on Venezuela years ago about the time that the starving population ate the animals at the zoo, but here’s an update on the socialist paradise: Venezuela Slashes 5 Zeros From Currency In “One Of Greatest Devaluations Ever”.

Bits and Pieces

Here is a phenomenon that I had observed and wondered why – why is the more desirable real estate on the west side of cities such as Ottawa, Toronto and London Ontario? It turns out that there is a very simple reason, industrial pollution and the prevailing winds:

This one surprised me. I know that Iran has a modern missile technology in the short to medium ranges, but who knew that they could build their own fighter jet: Iran Unveils New Domestic-Made Fighter Jet Amid Rising Military Tensions. Remember that these must fly against US F-22s and F-35s. It seems improbable. Followup helps in many cases: Iran’s “Brand New” Fighter Jet Actually 60-Year-Old American Design.


When I saw the following article, bells went off: Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.. So let me think about this for a while.

End Notes

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