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I would argue that mankind has always progressed through technological innovation from the production of stone tools and the control of fire, through the metallurgical discoveries giving us iron, steel and other metals that enabled the industrial revolution, to modern digital technology. The arts grew alongside the technology but as an economic adjunct enabled by the wealth and leisure it produced. Similarly, the affluence that spawned the modern welfare state is a benefit of technological progress.

I read John Mauldin’s latest letter on the rise of China. Part 1 of 3 promised parts, it creates a sense of optimism in China’s future through technology. Here’s the article: China’s Command Innovation.

Mauldin is a technology-based optimist. His projection is too linear and insular for my comfort, however. The technological advances he sees coming are logically predictable as a linear projection of current progress.

However, the ascendancy of China is anathema to the American Empire. One can see the rhetoric and military expansion that the US is using to try and contain China. The same containment used against Japan resulting in WWII, when used against China, will result in WWIII.

This will set back all areas  of technological development except perhaps military ones. A nuclear exchange may make the setback permanent.

A visit to a local museum had a large display of stone artifacts used by the local neolithic nomads. There were rounded rocks that had been used as primitive tools, but the largest part of the collection by far were the arrow heads which showed rather sophisticated manufacture. The principal use of iron and the development of blacksmithing started with the manufacture of iron knives and swords.

Apart from war, the arrival of the next Grand Solar Minimum is another factor that, based on historical precedence as described by Martin Armstrong in the section “Climate” below, will be a powerful disrupting force. It has brought down entire dynasties and civilizations in the past.

My thoughts about Mauldin’s optimism – he is one of the best free sources of economic thought out there – have been with me for a long time. China’s economic ascendancy he sees as a source of optimism about our future. But what really hit home to me today was how much in contrast, the West is in decline. Read the article. Now think about a future where the Chinese are producing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) graduates, the basis for wealth generation in a technological future while we are producing graduates in the arts, particularly social sciences like gender studies.


The MSM and the AGW alarmist are using the extremes in weather as an alleged proof of the global warming hypothesis. They report record heat and record drought events while failing to report any of the thousands of record cold and record snowfall events that were occurring throughout the late winter and spring of this year.

The current heat and drought in Europe are not unusual as revealed by the appearance of “hunger stones”. I’ve seen a couple of references to this but Martin Armstrong has a good discussion around the topic: The Hunger Stones Have Appeared. Such stones have appeared in several rivers to which you should be able to find references if interested. I wonder if they will add 2018 to the rocks.


The Russian bogeyman is being dragged out again by Theresa May. This means that she has problems at home, probably Brexit problems, an issue which should have been put to bed ages ago but which she continues to fumble: UK Launches New Wave of Anti-Russia Hysteria to Pursue Its Own Hidden Agenda.

A necessary prerequisite for empire is the interference in the affairs of other countries on their home turf and Britain is a past master of this. In fact they continue it today in places like Syria. To allege that Russia attempted the assassination of Russian citizens on British soil is convenient but disingenuous given their history.

The US, however, supported by the British may be ready to engage Russian assets: US Says Assad Has Approved Gas Attack In Idlib, Setting Stage For Major Military Conflict.

Psychological Warfare (Psyops)

Propaganda and Fake News

The censorship of conservative opinion in the social media has been an active topic both in execution and in discussion. Is it any wonder then to find out who is one of the major players behind it: Soros’ Role in Social Media Censorship Revealed in Leaked Document.

The Brits won’t let this dead horse stay dead so they try to animate it again and blow it again: Russia’s Alleged Skripal ‘Assassins’ Caught Breaking The Laws Of Physics.

Political Subversion and Regime Change (CIA)

You probably don’t need another article on the topic since I have covered it extensively, but if not consider: How To Meddle In An Election – Washington Style.

Further to my argument that the stage is set for a major US attack on Syria, consider: US Pushing The Gambit In Syria: Something Big Is Coming As Officials Ramp Up Threats. Note paragraph 8 in particular that as I had reasoned, argues that Assad has no reason to employ a chemical weapon although there is reason to doubt that he even has any. There is, however, an interesting development: In Rare Meeting, Russia Delivers Intel To US Officials Showing “Planned Chemical Provocation” In Syria. Let’s see how the US responds. If they are invested in an attck they will reject the Russian effort.

As I am about to go to press with this, consider this: US Says Assad Has Approved Gas Attack In Idlib, Setting Stage For Major Military Conflict.

The American Empire (AE)

Here’s a frank assessment of the war in Syria from the viewpoint of American involvement:

Here are two articles supporting the assertions and the current strategy of the AE in Syria: US Strategy In Syria: “Create Quagmires Until We Get What We Want” and The Truth About Idlib In The State Department’s Own Words.


Finally, here’s an article that looks at the Atlantic Council, an organization which I had not paid much attention to but is an organization, apart from being the guiding hand behind NATO, interferes in US elections to further its ends against Russia: US: NATO Think Tank Continues Pre-Election Interference. Considering that it operates outside of elected political institutions, it can be considered an organization that is part of the Deep State.

Cold War II

The next article describes the UK military as preparing for war with Russia as, as it seems, is the rest of the Western world.

If there is war it will be the last one for a while, not that Britain might be physically devastated, particularly since it is a nuclear power, but because it is flat broke and the economic cost of a war would destroy it economically. Factor in hunger stones.

National Politics

The US

There can be consequences to pissing off your driver: Russia To Stop Carrying US Astronauts To The Space Station In April.


The Clown Prince has played his hand. We find he was playing Old Maid when the other former NAFTA partners were playing poker: “Canada Just Got Played”: How Mexico Just Stabbed Canada In The Back. At least with Ford in power we might salvage a bit of the Canadian auto industry.

Signs of Societal Collapse

Paul Craig Roberts weighs in on the topic: Paul Craig Roberts: Watching America Collapse.

Other signs:


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Here are two excellence articles. The first is technical but demonstrates that climate science is aware of the Milankovitch cycle and shows that dust, not CO2 is a necessary factor for producing inter-glacial warm periods: Beyond Milankovitch. It is noteworthy that low CO2 levels inhibit the advent of the warming phase.

The next documentary fully examines the AGW scam from both scientific and the political aspects:

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

Martin Armstrong has a wide knowledge of historical events that correlate with the extreme weather associated with the cooling phase of solar cycles: Winter Arrived Snowing in Rome – Climatic Change events result Historically in an increase in Violence. We may be on the edge of the social unrest and death due to starvation associated with past such climatic events. It would be interesting to see if global calorie production has decreased this year due to the effect of extreme weather on agriculture.

Personal Development

I found this infographic on critical thinking: The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet [Infographic].

Bits and Pieces

It’s been a while since I reported on robots in the food industry. Here’s a current application: Fad Or The Future? Robot-Made Burgers Wow The Crowds In San Francisco.

I like to present counter-arguments, particularly to prevailing narratives or memes. Although the effusive praise for John McCain will eventually pass, here’s another perspective: The Other Side Of John McCain.

From a friend: Upholding Free Speech on Ontario’s University and College Campuses. American states should learn from this.

There was a new Ebola outbreak in the Congo a few monthsago which I keep an eye on, partly bcause it is slowly growing: Why Africa Faces The Biggest Threat Of Ebola Explosion

End Notes

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