Bits and Pieces – 20180916, Sunday


Your lesson in socialism for today (2:22 minutes) from the economist Milton Friedman:

If, you were engaged by Friedman and want a bit more, watch this one.

Sanctions and Blockades

On the road to Armageddon: US To Impose “Very Severe” Sanctions On Russia Over Skripal Case. The question to ask is why? No one has been convicted of the act. Taking a page out of Robert Mueller’s playbook, the Brits have charges two Russian citizens whom they can never bring to trial.

But then it is characteristic of the US to act without definitive, or in some cases, any proof. This suggests that the US agenda is well pre-planned and only needs some pretext such as a false flag attack to provide the justification to put the plan into action. One might suggest that this is purely a British affair but US interests are broad and never stated until after the fact, if at all.

From the country that could weaponize baby pacifiers if it could, we get this demand: Rick Perry Tells Russia To Stop Using Energy As Economic Weapon. Besides, sanctions which are being used against imputed Russian gas weaponization – the Nord Stream pipeline – are more effective.

The American Empire (AE)

In case you didn’t know that the US is developing biological WMDs, here’s an update: US Biological Warfare Program In The Spotlight Again.


I decided to subscribe to The Rebel to support the only real Conservative media voice in Canada. A friend sent this video:

It’s worth a listen because of the take on NAFTA – that the government must want NAFTA to fail. One might then jump to the idea that the government wants the economy to collapse, perhaps as part of the globalist agenda.

Here is some additional troubling economic news for the oil sector: Daily Memo: Syrian Developments, Iranian Attacks, Canadian Risk. Note that Geopolitical Futures, an analytical and forecasting service, describes the Canadian economy as precarious.

I’m sure our hip PM tokes up at times. We could only hope for … Pot Stocks Tumble On Report Of Possible Lifetime Travel Ban For Toking Canadians. Imagine if Trudeau couldn’t travel anymore. Oh, sorry, I had a momentary delusional fantasy.


I’m adding this new topic. There has been a lot of relevant material that I may have touched on in the past such as Agenda 21, Agenda 30 (Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development), and the Papal encyclical Laudato Si, as well as a hair-brained Canadian version that I can’t put my finger on right now.

To launch the topic, here’s a good article: Understanding The Tactics Of Subversive Globalism. It introduces the Fabian Society as having a globalist socialist agenda.

Socialism and the Left

Here is a good argument why socialism fails: 4 Simple Reasons Why Socialism Fails.

Bits and Pieces

Addendum to my last post in reference to graduates in the arts: Fine Arts Majors Have A Higher Unemployment Rate Than High School Dropouts. Don’t leave your college safe spaces too soon. You’ll be in for a shock that will trigger you.

Here is the second installment of John Mauldin’d trilogy on China. It is worth the read to see how advanced technologically China is: Chinese Growth Spurt. It is ironic that China, a declared communist state, is moving ahead so rapidly while the standard of living of its huge population advances with the economic growth, when Canada is a stagnant social progressive backwater.


I came across this site – “seething frog” hereafter called “Frog”. The guy is easily dismissed as an uber conspiracy theorist. However, he presents some very interesting tests to apply to what is presented as the acceptable narrative. In particular, does it make sense? Here’s an example (30-min);

Going back years, before I had heard of a “Deep State”, I wondered how, when politicians and parties move in and out of office so fast – usually just a few years – a country could maintain consistent foreign policy in particular. At first I thought that the persistence of view and policy came from lifetime bureaucrats which in part it does. But Frog says look back, keep looking back through the major events in history.

That is the key. Identify the people, families and organizations which are the center of power and trace them back historically as the real dynamic driving events, particularly political events and government policy.

End Notes

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