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We tend to view modern borders as somehow sacrosanct and immutable in a legal sense. The reality is given, however, in the following animation. It should restore perspective on situations such as Crimea.

I urge you to watch this 8 minute video that explains the modern left as identity politics:

Of note are the references to Canada both explicit and implicit. A very eloquent presentation.

Trade War

While the issue has disappeared from the front page it has not disappeared from Trump’s mind: Martin Armstrong Asks: “Will Global Warming Sink the Netherlands?”. Because of the trade surplus, the Chinese cannot keep going toe to tow with Trump. They will have to shift to currency warfare: Martin Armstrong Asks: “Will Global Warming Sink the Netherlands?”.

Sanctions and Blockades

I seem to remember the US tried a naval blockade of some country’s energy in the 1930’s. The result was rather memorable, but the US came out on top, so why not try it again: US Hints At Naval Blockade Of Russian Energy Exports Which Moscow Warns Would Be “An Act Of War”.

Kinetic Warfare

Here is a moral dilemma. Is it less evil to kill lots of people without knowing why you are doing it than killing them under a false pretext to justify your killing: Norway Officials Admit They Knew Nothing About Libya But Joined Regime Change Efforts Anyway?

Regional Wars

The downing of the Russian plane over Syria may not be what the MSM and official narrative portray it to be: Decoding Putin’s Response To Attack In Syria

The American Empire (AE)

This interview with Chris Hedges could have been placed under several topics such as social decline but it probably belongs here: Why the American empire has lost control—and its failure is imminent.


He’s probably right: Trump Weighs In On The Single Worst Mistake In American History. The little puppet Bush launched the Mid East destruction era.

The Deep State

This could be big. I know enough about the deep state to be able to assess whether it is direction or misdirection. I’m looking forward to it: “We’re Going To Unmask You”: James O’Keefe Set To Expose Deep State With New Investigation.


More on the debt of Canadians: Debt-Laden Canadians Struggling Amid Decade-High Monthly Payments. Higher debt servicing costs mean less income available for consumption and a negative impact on economic growth.

If you wonder what the agenda of the Clown Prince is this 13-minute video should inform you:

Socialism and the Left

Martin Armstrong gives a good summary of the difference between socialism and conservatism: The Real Difference Between Left & Right.

Economic Issues

Here is a long video (1:18 hours) that traces the creation and rise of the City of London, the semi-autonomous financial enclave in the modern geographic city of London: The Spider’s Web: Britain’s Second Empire (Documentary).

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

Bank Credit Analyst is an economic research firm for big money. They are highly respected and well out of my league. In this article they forecast an economic storm that would be cat 5: BCA: The “Bubble In Everything” Threatens $400 Trillion In Assets.


Those who pitch CO2 as the doomsday gas that will destroy the world are linear thinkers. They have a hypothesis that CO2 will continue to increase due to man’s use of carbon based fuels and will cause a linear increase in temperature. They fail to understand that the climate is a component of the global biosphere which is a complex adaptive system. Adaptive means that when one aspect gets out of whack other aspects change to reverse the trend in the aspect that began the change. CO2 is no exception. The proof is that you are reading this right now when in the past there were periods – indeed for much of the past – when CO2 levels were higher than today. What is the adaptive mechanism? The plant life and zoo plankton that eat CO2. So we find: The most amazing greening on Earth.

The following video (16:33 minutes) sets the climate claims straight:

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

Don’t tell Al Gore but global warming is having problems. Apart from increasing snowfall, continued records for cold temperatures which are never reported by the MSM, increasing ice mass in the Arctic, in glaciers and Greenland, the earth’s upper atmosphere is approaching the coldest temperatures on record (I know the data only goes back 17 years but the AGW crowd has shown us how to pick and interpret data (politically) correctly): The Chill of Solar Minimum.

End Notes

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