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I have been distracted by an unsuccessful run in municipal politics. It took a few hours of reflection to analyze my emotional response and an gain an understanding of the event. Here it is. But first some background on the results.

There were 8 candidates running for 4 positions. Three were 3 incumbents and one person returning to office after a term or two off. The fifth was a local realtor and Strathroy native, well known in the community. That left 3 unknowns including myself who is new to town. Poll results were in the order I described the candidates. I polled 747 votes for 6th place (first place was over 2700 votes) but only 31 votes ahead of the last place finisher. I tell people I tied for last place which I think is an astute assessment.

When asked if I was disappointed in not winning – in my mind were scenarios where I might have won – I replied “no” as I have a couple of projects that I could now get on with. What I was disappointed in was that I did not think the results reflected the effort, time and money that my wife and I invested in the election.

Finally, there was the understanding of two major points that were present when I decided to run but that I did not understand. This in itself was a brilliant flash of insight: nothing changed over the entire period except my understanding of the situstion.

The first point, and this is key I think to all politics, is that there were no major issues with the past administration. People had their personal peeves – their street has potholes, the town needs an indoor pool, etc. – and there were a few individuals that did not like the mayor or a particular Councillor. However, there was no single major issue such as corruption manifested in some form or other, to cause dissatisfaction with the previous administration.

Whether you gave them an “A”, “B”, or “C”, they earned a pass. An “F” would have created a totally different situation. Despite comments from many that I spoke to about needing “new blood” on council, the old adage,”if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it” held sway and wisely so.

The second point is that I am new to town. One Councillor is a retired high school teacher and has taught half the community. Those re-elected are widely known, most having grown up here. Although Strathroy is growing fast, it has that small town core of residents where everyone knows everyone else. In some small towns it takes generations before you become accepted fully in the community.

In short, I didn’t stand a chance. Nor will I in 2022 unless these two conditions change. There is also an age factor. This election was difficult in terms of going door-to-door for 3, 4, 5 or more hours at a time. It won’t be easier in 4 years.

I knocked on about 750 doors out of an estimated 7500. I talked to an amazing array of people. None were hostile and most were warm in their response. You sized up the situation in a fraction of a second to determine your approach. When a man or woman answered a door holding 2 children with three in the background running around with 5 barking dogs, you read very quickly that this person isn’t looking for any kind of a conversation. One woman may even have been nursing an infant although I was careful not to stare to see if this was the case or not. The closest to having someone answer the door naked was a tall fellow wearing only shorts riding below a belly that suggested that he hadn’t seen his feet in a decade or two. I sensed very quickly he didn’t want to talk.

It was hard work and the most enjoyable part of the campaign by far – a valued experience.

With this I can put it behind me.

Technological Warfare

This story is technologically viable. CIA eat your heart out: Explosive Report Details Chinese Infiltration Of Apple, Amazon And The CIA. There may be an attempt to shift the bogeyman narrative from Russia to China. Most attempts at narrative change involve clumsy stories and staged events that fall apart under scrutiny. This one not only holds up but is brilliant. The chip’s activity would have to be covert such as not to create CPU activity that could create suspicion. The same goes for data transmission of information harvested. Large bursts of signal could catch attention. Also, signal destination would have to be innocuous. Attempts by the CIA to have back doors built into commercial US hardware and software such as cell phones and microcomputers, pale in comparison. A truly neat hack!

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

Here’s a video that covers the impact of a collapse of the grid:

This will be an extinction event for Western civilization. Exploring this topic is one of the two post-election projects that I am undertaking.

Propaganda and Fake News

A sum-up: The Final Truth Of Russia-Gate.

Here’s an article on the psyops used by our favourite WMD: NATO Coordinates Information War On Russia.


And more NATO aggressive Beauvoir: ‘Trident Juncture 2018’ About To Kick Off: NATO’s Big War Games Near Russia’s Borders Never End.

Global War: World War III

The US is ready and willing to start WWIII: US Openly Threatens Russia With War: Goodbye Diplomacy, Hello Stone Age. Attacking Russia will start a war that the US may not survive. Even if it survives, it would clear the board for Chinese hegemony.

The Deep State

I don’t understand why this guy is still alive: Soros Color Revolution In Syria?.


We are friends with the Saudis, right: “They Cut Him Up While He Was Still Alive”: Grisly Details Of Saudi Journalist Killing Emerge? So don’t be too hard on the Saudi hit team. We need their oil and the arms market is one of our few major exports remaining.

It was in the news a while back that Trudeau agreed to take in a bunch of the White Helmets and their families. So get to know your neighbours: ‘Bloggers’ Blasted For Questioning Establishment ‘White Helmets’ Narrative.

Signs of Societal Collapse

I have written before of societal cycles as proposed by Strauss and Howe. Here’s an update on the progress of the fourth turning in the cycle: Most Americans See A Sharply Divided Nation; The Fourth Turning Is Here. This next article is insightful, not because it suggests that societal conditions are polarized and becoming more violent but because a generation is so brittle that it will suffer physiological collapse as the fourth turning unfolds: 25% Of Millennials Claim They Have PTSD From 2016 Election, Study Says.

The collapse of our society is unavoidable. The personal strategy to adopt is how to survive it. I have been in this position for more than a year. I have argued for years that democracy is a netastable state between revolution and totalitarianism. We are in the latter transition zone.

The pension Crisis

Martin Armstrong identifies a major problem that will begin emerging next year: Beware of the Real Debt Crisis on the Horizon – not the BS on TV. The pension crisis is on almost nobody’s radar – at least that of the MSM and politicians. Linear thinkers will be blindsided by this one that will derail whatever future projections they make. As part of the total unfunded liabilities of the US which stood at around 200 trillion the last I checked a year ago or so, it will help bring the American Empire down. As Martin Armstrong notes, it was the issue that ended the Roman Empire.

At some point, the US will be unable to fund its global military enterprise, at which time the barbarians at the gate will reclaim their territories. The USSR collapsed because it was economically bankrupt, in part due to the arms race. The AE is already economically bankrupt. The only thing supporting the facade is that all the creditors have not yet emerged.


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

The manipulation of data to support the bogus AGW hypothesis is revealed by Martin Armstrong: . Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall. Here is a second reference article: UPDATE – BOMBSHELL: audit of global warming data finds it riddled with errors.

Personal Development

It’s been a while since I added anything here. Consider this article about a new book by James Clear on breaking bad habits: How to Kick Your Bad Habits (And Why That’s More Important Than You Think). As the author notes: The point here is that you’re trying to improve your default behavior.

Bits and Pieces

At last a sane word on Catholic Church sexual abuses: Pope Francis: Divisive Devil Responsible For Catholic Pedophile Epidemic, or in other words, leave us alone so we can do what we do best.

Boston Dynamics (now a Japanese firm) has robots that I have featured before. Here’s an update on Atlas:

I also found this somewhat longer but more diverse clip:

The gun industry may be wishing Hillary had won. The Dems are traditionally big on gun control. Who would’a thunk that the best means of gun control would have been to elect a Republican: Sales Of The World’s Most Popular Handgun Have Collapsed Under Trump Presidency ? I guess people just feel safer under Trump.

BREAKING NEWS: Theresa May has announced that MI-5 has proof that the hit team that entered the Saudi Consulate in Turkey and killed the American journalist was a team of Russian agents disguised as Saudi’s. So the Russians did it and Trump can now impose more sanctions: Trump Vows “Severe Punishment” If Saudis Killed Khashoggi. Just kidding … sort of.

In his usual state of opening mouth before engaging brain, Trump has created a dilemma which now requires furious backpedaling. Having said SA will be severely punished if it is found that the Saudi journalist had been killed by them – and there is no doubt left that this is the case, Trump has come up with this really stupid solution: Trump says ‘rogue killers’ could be to blame for Saudi journalist. So a rogue team of 15 Saudis fly into Turkey, enter the Saudi Consulate unchallenged by security and kill and chop up the journalist, pack his parts into suitcases and immediately depart. These were “rogue” killers?

Finally, a little levity from martin Armstrong: The Lighter Side of the Differences Between Men & Women.

End Notes

I can be reached at the following email address. It is not in standard format as webcrawling robots harvest identifiable email addressees from webpages, compile them into lists and sell the lists to spammers. Use thepoog before the @ symbol and digitaldoor after it followed by .net. Please forward any comments directly by email.

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