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Last night I watched this long 2-part video comparing the fall of the American Empire (AE) to the fall of the Roman Empire. It identifies 3 principle economic causes, the ongoing cost of foreign wars, public works, and social entitlement programs, leading to deficit spending. This in turn leads to the necessary debasement of the currency and punitive taxes to support the deficit. Here is the first part which will automatically link to the second part at the end:

The creator of this video has interviewed a number of extremely clued-in people – I follow them all when they are not behind a paywall.

Although the video is about the AE, it is equally applicable to Canada and the countries of Europe. We are in the late stage of decline before revolution.

Sanctions and Blockades

I thought the US effectively controlled SWIFT, the organization that provides the grease for all global economic transaction. But maybe they don’t: US Threatens SWIFT With Sanctions If Iran Isn’t Cut Off. This one is worth watching to see if the US prevails although I can’t see what action it could take against SWIFT if it doesn’t toe the US line.

Russia has been attacked economically by the US using SWIFT. In the next article by Tom Luongo, the predictable result of making a SWIFT replacement is discussed: For Russia Change Comes SWIFT.

The American Empire (AE)

The US may have reached the point that the Russians, British and centuries of foreign invaders have discovered: The U.S. “Cannot Win Militarily” In Afghanistan, Says Top Commander In Shocking Interview.


Keep in mind that Canada is part of NATO and an automatic participant in any war NATO starts. Also keep in mind that two nukes, one on Ottawa and one on Toronto, take us out. Can you spell complete social collapse?

Is it: Is NATO Preparing For War In The Arctic? This article argues that it is. How can you not call this aggressive behavior?

NATO of course has its sights set on the Ukraine and Georgia to complete the encirclement of Russia: W3: Russia Vows It ‘WILL ACT’ If Ukraine Or Georgia Join NATO. Russia cannot allow this to happen any more than the US could allow a geopolitical situation where a realignment of Canada with Russia would place Russian troops along the 49th parallel. The reason Russia can’t allow this is that it would place enemy forces a few hundred kilometers from all its major cities.

Global War: World War III

It is pretty well full speed ahead into oblivion: A Rules-Based Global Order or Rule-less US Global ‘Order’? The US has already deployed the Aegis missile system that is INF capable and in contravention of the INF Treaty as much as the recent announced development of such weapons by the Russians. Recall that the US threatened to preemptively attack such a development on Russian soil (Tensions rise as US threatens to ‘take out’ Russian missiles). Get it directly from that NATO think-tank, the Atlantic Council: Russia’s New Intermediate Range Missiles – Back to the 1970s. In other words, blame it on the Russians, a strategy that seems to be in regular deployment these days.

Below, Graham Allison explains the Thucydides’s Trap in the context of US and China. He lays out a timeline that will lead China to the number one power by 2049. The US can fall into the trap, which as Graham explains, is often sprung by a third party. Of course if the US through NATO wants to start a war with Russia, China will be handed their position immediately. Here’s the video:

National Politics

To keep you abreast of important geopolitical issues that the MSM is unlikely to cover, consider the Turkey/Greece/Cyprus dispute over energy rights in the Mediterranean Sea: A new flashpoint in the Mediterranean deepens the conflict between Turkey, Cyprus and Greece. If this blows up, how does NATO respond? This could be fun.given Article 5.

The US

I wasn’t going to include this article: Why American Leaders Persist In Waging Losing Wars. On reading it an observation arose. Past wars have left a deadly legacy of landmines that persist and kill long after the war has ceased. Modern wars leave a different kind of persistent ordnance behind – the terrorist. US wars are leaving terrorist scattered to the winds that may be activated at any time in the future.


Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

Yet another scholar and scientist, Professor Richard Lindzen, demolishes the AGW hypothesis. This lecture was only three weeks ago:

Here’s another Nobel Laureate talking about the pseudoscience of AGW:

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

I don’t have a separate topic for volcanoes but there is  a link to climate through solar cycles. During a solar minimum, the climate cools and the earth’s magnetosphere decreases in strength. This is especially true during a GSM. In fact there is a good correlation between historic volcanic eruptions  and solar minima.

Apart from the increase in atmospheric aerosols such as sulfur dioxide, the weakened magnetosphere allows more cosmic rays to penetrate into the earth. The increased cosmic ray activity in silica-rich magma chambers release gases, increasing pressure in the chamber and leading to an eruption.

The eruption of a super volcano would set back civilization for millennia.  There will be time before such an eruption occurs as the geophysical warning signs are known, but the results are largely inescapable. It likely won’t happen in your lifetime but you can be informed:

Bits and Pieces

Some statistics from the US on driving and intoxication: Stoned Driving On The Rise As Marijuana Overtakes Alcohol As Most Commonly Detected Intoxicant. Will we see similar studies appear in Canada?

Martin Armstrong has a deep understanding of the law both as it is written and as it is practiced which are often two separate and diverse things. Here he gives us the legal basis for birthright citizenship in the US: Can Trump end Birthright Citizenship? In Canada it may be different and more amenable to change by a willing party. He also gives us a definition of fascism in Anti-Fascist Turning Violent in Portland as:

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy.

Here is a really beautiful app called Radio Garden. It is a global map that can be navigated with your mouse. The green dots on this google earth represent a radio station anywhere in the world.  Click in anyone of the dots and you will immediately listen to that station with very good sound.

End Notes

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