Bits and Pieces – 20181111, Sunday


There are some longer videos in this week’s report but I consider them worthwhile. Beats watching TV.

Propaganda and Fake News

So here’s an interesting dilemma. Is all news out of an AI (Artificial Intelligence) “fake news”? Is any of it? Is it more or less fake than news out of a human news anchor? Imagine the money we could save by replacing the entire staff of the CBC with AI programs. Maybe then I could listen to the CBC without destroying something in the room around me at the time.

Global War: World War III

The Western Pacific remains one of the critical flashpoints for the next war involving China. Note that Canada is involved in the dispute. A war starting between the US and China will likely drag in NATO through Article 5 although if the US opens or provokes hostilities first and China responds, does that constitute an attack on a NATO country? Probably just a nicety. Read: “Flashpoint For War”: U.S. And Japan Plan Military Response To Chinese Incursions Of Disputed Islands.

Recall in the video by Graham Allison in Bits and Pieces – 20181104, Sunday where he notes that major conflicts are more often started by a third party than directly between two combatants, two candidates in the South China Sea dispute which the US has chosen as the military focus for its pivot to the Pacific (Read: The American Pivot to Asia from the Brookings Institute, the US foreign policy incubator) are Taiwan and Japan.

In this regard: Will The “Taiwan Question” Give Rise To A World War III Scenario? RT I find provides a good source of information and news as a counter to the MSM. That it has a Russian connection does not diminish this fact.

The US

I don’t normally publish material of the following sort but Goldman Sachs gives a brief summary of what to expect over the next two years with the major initiatives and programs that have been on Trump’s agenda: What Gridlock Means For The US Economy: Goldman Sachs Explains. Martin Armstrong sees the GOP gain in the senate as positive for the Republicans going forward and that the Democrats continue in decline. He uses a stock analyst’s term “bearish reversal” meaning a strong signal to a reversal of fortunes: The Midterm Elections.

With an obstructionist Congress Trump will face gridlock as well as new personal attacks to try and remove him. It is expected that Kavanaugh will also come under attack again to try and remove him. As for the Left, it will get bloodier.

The Q narrative suggest that with the mid-terms over, Trump will become more aggressive towards the swamp/Deep State. Sessions has been a lame duck in this regard and now he is gone. That didn’t take long. His replacement should be active on a number of fronts if the Q is right and Trump is unleashed:

I doubt this warning will have any impact on the Democrats so watch for action on Trump’s part here: “Two Can Play That Game” – Trump Threatens “War Posture” If Dems Pursue Investigations. To date he has been remarkably restrained but hopefully this is about to end. And as Zero Hedge’s headline notes: It Begins: Maxine Waters Vows To Examine Trump Ties To Deutsche Bank.

A social meme that has been developing in the US is that of a possible civil war resulting from the divide from the increasingly radical left and the deplorables. It is easy to project the increasing seemingly irreparable division and increasing violence into civil war. The following article, however, lays out some guidelines on how one might make such a projection with some degree of authenticity. It is a far more complex issue and would seek guidance from observation of historical civil wars of the past. The conclusion is that we are not close at the present in the US. Any serious student of the topic needs to read: Opinion: What are the chances that America’s disunion turns into Civil War?.

Quick! We need a deflection tactic here: Broward Mystery Boxes Tossed Into Trucks After Missed Deadline; Gaetz Forcibly Removed While Filming. I’ve got it! Let’s blame the Russians for tampering in this election. No one’s done it yet.


It probably won’t fly but this pig will try: SPD Puts forth Its Manifesto to Federalize Europe.

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

Just to keep this important issue before you, here is Jim Rickards talking about debt and deficit spending in the US: The United States Is Going Broke. Canada is as bad or worse. Although inflation is one way of dealing with sovereign debt, the more common way is default followed by devaluation and austerity measures, the standard prescription that the IMF forces on countries that have gone bankrupt if they want a bailout.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

The strength of the scientific method when unobstructed by political interference is that research when published is available for scrutiny by peers. Errors are found and questionable conclusion result in sometimes long debate in the community. A recent paper which was used to support the recent IPCC hysteria has been found to contain a major error: Major Math Error Puts Widely-Cited Global Warming Study On Ice. Here is the actual discussion of the error: Nic Lewis on A major problem with the Resplandy et al. ocean heat uptake paper and here is a followup article by the same author discussing further his reasoning: Resplandy et al. Part 2: Regression in the presence of trend and scale systematic errors. These are highly technical and I include them for maintaining authenticity of material I publish.

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

Professor Valentina Zharkova just gave a presentation of her Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018. Here is the video of her talk:

At around the 20 minute mark she describes how mathematically, she and her team described the sun’s magnetic field as a dipole field and in plotting the interactions, were able to duplicate actual sunspot observations to a 97% accuracy.

They then used their formula to project solar activity several thousand years forward and backward and duplicated key grand solar minima but not the Dalton minimum. Around the 38 minute mark, she explains how they expanded their model to a quadrupole field and extended the range of light observed. This reproduced the Dalton minimum.

Using this she shows how they modeled the TSI (total solar irradiance) and how the changwe in the sun’s magnetic field reduces the earth’s magnetosphere allowing increased cosmic ray s which increase nucleation in clouds cooling the earth.

Around the 44:45 mark she discusses the impact of the new grand solar minimum to occur between 2020 and 2055.

At around the 47:15 mark she shows her summary curve that predicts the temperature for the next 100,000 years. At this point the video producers have suppressed teh part of the frame showing the curve that contradicts the IPCC models. In the first version of the video that I viewed they actually looped back her voice at this point making her virtually unintelligible. They’ve replaced it here with a less obvious suppression of fact. At the 50:14 mark when she switches to another diagram they restore the video.

In summary, she gives a scientific theory that matches observable temperature data almost predicisely, something that the IPCC models cannot do, and relegates the CO2 contriibution to a rounding error where solar climate forcing is the real data. When you see the audience questions you see some unhappy campers. And folks, this is going to be bad!

Bits and Pieces

It’s been a while since I’ve published any links to the blog article of Jim Quinn who is a faithful interpreter of the current unfolding Fourth Turing as described by Strauss and Howe. Here’s an update: The Fourth Turning & War Of The Worlds.

The YouTube algorithms served me up this video of a Jordan Peterson interview. I like him because he is precise and focused making it easy to understand what he is saying. At the 0:50 mark he begins talking about rights and responsibilities. My wife and I have often discussed the concentration on rights and the complete lack of recognition of responsibilities by Canadians. Peterson is the first person otherwise that I have heard mention it. Enjoy the interview (1:42:13) and notice how the marshmallow thinking of the interviewer holds up. Peterson demolishes almost every point she makes as a feminist and a “socialist democrat”.

I recently watched a video on the electric universe to get an understanding of what the people who use the term mean. After 20 minutes – that’s the time I gave the guy – he had said nothing – not a single word – to explain the idea that the video was ostensibly about. That wasted my time. Jordan Peterson, on the other hand, is so precise that you understand his key positions in the first 10 or 15 minutes, even though he wasn’t specifically asked to elucidate them. He is a fierce debater and we need more people like him.

End Notes

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