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An alert German reader kindly pointed out an error that I had made in the Climate section of my last post (now corrected). I had written:
Here is the actual discussion of the error: Nick Stokes on A major problem with the Resplandy et al. ocean heat uptake paper and here is a followup article by the same author…

In fact both articles were written by Nic Lewis. I have no idea how or why I inserted the name “Nick Stokes”.


When I mentioned to a friend that the caravan invading the US’s southern border is well-funded, well-planned and highly organized by some external organization(s) she said she hadn’t heard of such a thing.

So here’s the evidence. In a Fox News video, Tucker Carlson interviews filmmaker Ami Horowitz who embedded himself in the caravan and filmed aspects of it:

Here’s another video of caravan participants being paid for their efforts:

I’ve seen other articles describing Democratic interests funneling money to the enterprise and speculation that organization funded by George Soros are behind it. Search the alternative media for a lot more.

Cold War II

The US has been at war with China economically for a while but next is a suggestion that this is morphing  into a cold war: “It Will Be A Cold War”: APEC Summit Ends In Unprecedented Chaos After Dramatic US-China Showdown.


Geopolitical Futures has released an excellent article on the dangerous credit situation in Canada: Standing on Guard for an Economic Crisis in Canada. The paragraph on the vulnerability of Canadian banks I reported on when the BIS report was first released. There are stormy seas ahead and Ottawa is under full steam into them.

The largest economic problem that we have is the inability to get our oil to markets. Canada is a resource exporting nation as its primary source of foreign exchange. Our federal government is not serious about solving this problem – nor apparently is the opposition –  so we suffer the economic consequences: Canada’s Crude Crisis Is Accelerating. Read: Oil Prices Soar, But Canadian Crude Sells At ‘Ridiculous’ 58% Off. As of today, November 16, Canadian oil is selling at $13.46 a barrel: Canadian oil prices drop to a record low. The American benchmark, WTI (West Texas Intermediate) is more than $40 higher.This is a crisis

Signs of Societal Collapse

I include this article under this topic because it means that a generation or two is psychologically maladapted to dealing with crises in the real world. The most crippled are the snowflakes attending progressive universities: New Study: Social Media Has A Link To Loneliness And Depression.

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

A source I follow is King World News which has a focus on precious metals and miners. A regular contributor is Egon von Greyerz. His latest comments cover the ground and cover the major risks you face in the future with regard to currency and the banking system: Greyerz – Clients Told They Can’t Take Their Money Or Gold Out Of Banks As Massive Dark Cloud Hangs Over World Economy.

On my to-do list is to write an article on the meaning of a bank bail-in for depositors. This means you. A bail-in will follow a failure of one or more to-big-to-fail banks. There are 5 in Canada.. As a reader of this column you know that the Bank of International Settlements, sometimes called the bankers’ bank, in their spring report, rated Canadian banks as having the highest risk profile of all major countries. Personally, my investments in banks are in highly liquid instruments and distributed across multiple banks. The Cyprus bail-in restricted the amount of a depositors investments that could be withdrawn before being used in a bail-in.

In brief, a bail-in forces depositors to convert their bank-held assets into stock in the failed bank, effectively recapitalizing the bank. But what is the stock that you are left holding worth? I’ll be writing on this but in the meantime if you don’t believe me read: Bank Recapitalization (Bail-in) Conversion Regulations: SOR/2018-57.


Judith Curry has published an article by Andy West on her excellent blog, Climate Etc.  The article titled The catastrophe narrative, gives an analysis of various forms that catastrophe narratives take. The forms are developed in terms of climate catastrophe but could easily be generalized to assist people in identifying such memes in any area of discourse. He references a second part of the article that I will provide the link for when it is published. At the end he provides a link to a 61-page footnote PDF file. This is an exhaustive treatment of the subject of catastrophe theories.

My correction notice at the top applies to an article by Nic Lewis who cites errors in the paper by  Resplandy et al. Today he published a third part describing problems associated with the statistical modeling of the data including a major one where they assign a zero error associated with their first data point. This then skews the the errors and calculated values of subsequent data points” Resplandy et al. Part 3: Findings regarding statistical issues and the authors’ planned correction. The original paper must then in light of all the errors identified, be considered to be deeply flawed. Unfortunately, the MSM has seized upon the initial declaration of their discovery and has moved on. Nor will they report any error corrections and the impact on the temperature conclusion.

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

It’s getting cooler folks and according to NASA it’s due to solar cycles not CO2 stoked global warming: The Chill of Solar Minimum. The AGW crowd still insists that it is the warming that makes things cooler. It’s amazing that they have such a widespread following, but good sheeple believe what they are told by their government and the MSM, particularly that oracle of progressive thought, the CBC.

Personal Development

Since its inception, I have been following a weekly eletter from the economist Patrick Cox who has an investment advisory service for the biotechnology field with Mauldin Economics. I have been extracting information and links from these eletters and saving the information under four topics. The general theme of interest is anti-aging research. Today I published these four topics with the links below:


If I could have a conversation with myself of 10 or even 5 years ago, there is much that I accept now that I would have rejected as conspiracy theory at that time. There remains a lot in that murky domain of things that I still have trouble with, but some things that are emerging as fact.

There is a class of theories and narratives that I reject outright. This includes the flat earth hypothesis, narratives about space aliens – particularly reptilian ones – although credible UFO sightings continue, and ancient civilizations with technologies superior to ours although the stone structures which exist with incredible interlocking 3-dimendional shapes with perfect fit could probably not be duplicated today without an extensive engineering program, pushing our technological frontiers.

There is another class of conspiracy theories that I leave as open, meaning although they strain accepted credulity, they may in fact be partially or completely true. Investigating them I consider to be not a profitable use of my time while I don’t reject them. Many contain implications of human behavior which are hard to accept.  I include this following interview at 2 1/2 hours as one that approaches my limits. If you already think I am off the wall, don’t spend your time on it. I listened to about half. It is disturbing but makes sense in the sense that a good fictional thriller will:

End Notes

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