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It’s 3:20 AM Monday morning and I can’t sleep. Apart from the fact that my ancient thermostat settings have not dropped the daytime high of 65 degrees (it predates metric conversion) to 62 degrees where I would like it, the Liberal carbon tax is bothering me. And it should also be bothering you very much.

Two weeks ago (Bits and Pieces – 20181125, Sunday) I opened with a discouce on energy and the universal requirement of it in some form by all organism both living and inanimate such as cities. What I didn’t do was to reduce all forms of energy to a common unit of measurement which is popularly, the joule. We measure the energy content of food in calories which are easily converted to joules. Electricity we measure in watts which also convert easily. Heat energy from burning fossil fuels is directly measured in joules.

What I will now argue is that you have a minimal energy footprint which if not met for a period of time will result in your death. There is a daily calorie requirement below which you will certainly starve to death. How far below this limit determines how fast death comes. The production of those calories requires a certain amount of fossil fuel to grow them. A farmer has to drive a tractor over a field multiple times to till and prepare a seedbed, plant the seeds, apply fertilizers and agricultural chemicals (to kill everything but the crop) and to harvest the crop. That’s a lot of diesel. Add in the energy required to get the food to your table. So just in terms of food, there is a significant amount of fossil fuel expenditure necessary to keep yoy from starving.

Likewise, in Northern latitudes, there is a minimum temperature at which you can maintain your environment before you freeze to death or die of hypothermia (read: Britain’s Excess Winter Deaths Soar To Highest In Over 40 Years).

A more complex argument in details is the need for fossil fuels to support your daily life including getting to and from work so you can pay for the joules you need to survive. Renewables aren’t the answer because they are not a reliable source of energy when you need it and will never be for certain applications like farming. This is another discussion but it involves something called capacity factor which the Ontario government now hides. Or in other words, behind every wind mill lurks a gas-fired thermal plant.

The point is that you have a minimum carbon footprint below which you die. Cities have a minimum carbon footprint below which the city dies.

Having established this we then have to ask what the Liberal carbon tax is supposed to accomplish. It is to discourage – punish us for – our use of fossil fuels. But we can’t survive without them. Even if we could live at our minimum carbon footprint – and that would not be a life worth living – we would still be taxed. So the carbon tax becomes a tax on life.

Another aspect of carbon pricing that I have never seen taken into account is one that sets Canada apart from say Brazil. Our northern latitude means that the return per acre of a crop is less because of the shorter growing season and the lower sun energy input – farmers are familiar with the measure of corn heat units. Also, our population density is much lower than say Belgium. This means we have higher costs across the board due to the longer transportation pathways. Has our government ever argued this in UN negotiations?

Back in July 2013, I published a graph showing the effectiveness of climate models at that time: Global Warming Update. This was during the “hiatus” when warming had stopped, a fact that the models could not reproduce. If you recall the original projections by the cheerleader of the AGW narrative, Al Gore in his movie An Inconvenient Truth, the Arctic was supposed to be ice free, temperatures hotter, polar bears dying and a number of other predictions which not only have not come to pass but are in a state of either stasis or reversal.

The IPCC faced with the embarrassing situation had to shift the appearance of the narrative from global warming to climate change, not because the term is more descriptive but because it is a tautology and devoid of meaning, climate being defined as a complex dynamic system, a property of which is change. Since change is a property of climate and our new term is a proxy for CO2 induced anthropogenic global warming, any change, especially of an extreme nature is automatically linked to CO2 and AGW.

This has the effect of linking weather to climate which is handy for the political narrative but is somewhat embarrassing – we must point this out very quietly – because the models are unable to reproduce any of the effects that we consequently associate with climate change. The models still predict a catastrophic future but the models also increasingly bear no relationship to observable data. Hence, warming is cooling and the sheeple don’t even blink having been sold on the narrative and thus placed in the situation where they no longer have to – and possibly are unable to – think for themselves.

I would reread George Orwell’s 1984 except that I’m living it now so why bother. To this end, keep an eye on how the events in France unfold. There may yet be hope.

I’m going to feed the cats and try and get some sleep knowing that the idiocy of carbon pricing remains but feeling a bit better that I got it down.

Trade War

This is how to conduct a trade war: Chinese Imports From The US Plummet 25% As Trade War Takes Toll. Or, as the article notes, the goods trade deficit with China widened to $43.1 billion in October, an all time high.

Propaganda and Fake News

In a new twist on false flag events we now have interpretation of false false flag event: U.S. Claims ‘False Flag’ Chemical Attack In Syria.

Cold War II

Let’s play poke the bear:

  1. U.S. Flies Recon Plane Over Ukraine In Provocative “Warning” To Russia.
  2. U.S. destroyer challenges Russian claims in the Sea of Japan.
  3. U.S. in preparation to send warship into Black Sea: report.

That was fun but I wonder what we will do next week for fun?

Here’s a thoughtful article on the new cold war: War With Russia?

National Politics

Events in France have appeared briefly in the MSM. However, Martin Armstrong gives us a deeper look into the issue: The Next French Revolution – Is it Beginning? A question to ponder is how will the EU in Brussels and Germany respond? Also consider: France In Chaos; Macron Mulling State Of Emergency Amid “Yellow Vest” Protests; “All Options” Considered. This is fast-moving, a problem for a weekly blog.


I sent an email to Andrew Scheer, Leader of the opposition in Canada:

What is your and the party’s position on the GLOBAL COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION?

Here is the reply:

Dear Mr. Nunn:
On behalf of the Hon. Andrew Scheer, thank you for your correspondence
regarding the United Nations Global Compact on Migration.By allowing 38,000 people to illegally enter Canada from the United States and abuse our asylum system, the Prime Minister has destroyed the integrity of our borders and immigration system.
Conservatives oppose this open border approach. We believe Canadians must be in control of their own borders and have full autonomy over their immigration system. For these reasons, the Conservative party opposes signing the UN Global Compact on Migration. Please be assured that a
Conservative government would withdraw Canada from the agreement and would instead focus on restoring order and fairness to Canada’s immigration system.

Justin Trudeau should immediately fix the mess he has created at our borders and address the urgent shortcomings in our own system, rather than signing agreements, which dictate how the media report on migration.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this important issue.


Correspondence Unit
Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition

Save a nation – vote conservative.

From a friend comes this interesting expose of Chrystia Freeland’s connections with George Soros: . This raises an interesting question, however. Is Trudeau an oligarch?

Socialism and the Left

Stating the obvious: Socialism Always Ends In Destruction. Canada may already have passed the peak in standard of living. The problem we face is that in a democracy, it is almost impossible to roll back affordable entitlement programs since the sheeple, addicted to free everything, are unable to contemplate the austerity needed to make the changes and reverse the damage. The next stage in the cycle of governance after democracy is totalitarianism. We can start looking for the signs of its emergence now. Trudeau’s buyout of the media is a good beginning.

Economic Issues

Again, thanks to the algos at YouTube, I came across this video on a host of current economic issues. The interviewer is credible in his questions showing that he understands the discussion. The interviewee, Rob Kirby, a new name to me is widely versed on issues and I couldn’t fault anything he said. I’m impressed (45 minutes):


It was just last Sunday that I introduced you to chemtrails, the dispersion of particulates in the atmosphere to cause cloud nucleation to increase the earth’s albedo (reflectivity) and cool the planet. Apart from using SO2 to create acid rain – remember how we were cajoled to cut emissions to reduce it – the impact on human health and the environment of having materials like salts of aluminum or barium saturating our atmosphere is unknown. But it will be a great experiment: Mind The Chemtrails: New Study Calls For Global “Stratospheric Aerosol Injection” By 2030s.

I have just become aware of a German site that has an archive of a large number of climate-related research reports, called NoTricksZone(,com).

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

You can now eat your Big Mac without guilt: New Research: Methane Emissions From Livestock Have No Detectable Effect On The Climate.

Recall that years ago that climate science was “settled” meaning there was no room for debate. Also, 97% of climate scientists agreed with the AGW hypothesis. That pesky three percent continues to do real science and make discoveries such as: University of Exeter: Role of natural climate factors is underestimated.

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

I have spoken many times of the fallacy of linear thinking. Here, Martin Armstrong discusses it in the context of the global warming hypothesis, renamed the climate change hypothesis since warming had stopped: Clash between Catastrophe and Uniformity – The Global Warming Conspiracy.


Here is another dimension to energy and geopolitics in the Middle East with comments on US national interests there in energy: Qatar Leaving OPEC. Note the references to gas pipelines in this story.

Bits and Pieces

Not only can you get it off toilet seats but off of McDoalds’ touch screens too! Not Lovin’ It — Researchers Find Feces on Every McDonald’s Touchscreen Tested. Maybe automation has gone too far.

End Notes

I can be reached at the following email address. It is not in standard format as webcrawling robots harvest identifiable email addressees from webpages, compile them into lists and sell the lists to spammers. Use thepoog before the @ symbol and digitaldoor after it followed by .net. Please forward any comments directly by email.

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