Bits and Pieces – 20181231, Monday


I have had my new system for several days and am still cleaning up issues around the transfer of operations from my old system. Some of the software that I was running is so old it either will not install on the new system running Windows 10 or problems exist with the re-installation. For example, I have a purchased copy of Adobe Reader 7.0 (yes that’s old). The procedure to move it would be to uninstall it on the old system and reinstall it on the new system. Except that the uninstall/reinstall process is controlled by a server run by Adobe for this purpose but they recently shut the server down (surely it doesn’t cost that much to leave a computer running in a closet somewhere) so the transfer can’t be done. Like many big companies such as Microsoft you cannot speak to a live support person unless you buy a support plan. So it is an issue I am still working on.

There is a problem with the mail system that keeps triggering a block on my ISP server account and I’ve spent an hour or two trying to get the new system on the same home network as Mary’s two laptops and my old system with no luck yet. There are a few minor issues that remain which I can live with until I find the fix such as every hour my new system suddenly announces the time. Try figuring out where in the Windows 10 interface the control for that feature lies.

As a final comment I am introducing a new heading – “Spotlight”. Almost every week some story stands out for me and I usually talk about it in this section, but it doesn’t feel like a perfect fit.

Here’s wishing you a happy, prosperous and joy-filled new year. I hope to get things back on track. Ian.


Apparently there is a new 9/11 inquiry in progress. Last night I watched the interview that Greg Hunter conducted with Dave Janda. It’s long at 2 hours and is wide-ranging over a number of major topics outside the MSM, but at the 1:00:51 mark Greg raises the 9/11 issue. Dave’s response is worth a listen:

Note the reference to building 7 which collapsed but was not hit by any aircraft. Then this morning, another example of synchronicity happened. I read the blog article by Martin Armstrong: VICE – The Dick Cheney/Rumsfeld Conspiracy. In it he provides the following video clip of the collapse of building 7:

Now look at this video clip of a controlled demolition:

Why? Armstrong gives us the answer. There were records in the building that needed to disappear. The same thing happened he notes, in the plane strike on the Pentagon. It destroyed critical records that needed to be suppressed. I had read a similar description of the Oklahoma City Bombing as a conspiracy to destroy records that had recently been collected together in the building. I did not report it at the time, considering it to be too much of what would be called a conspiracy theory for my readers.


This is what itis all about: Angela Merkel: Nation States Must “Give Up Sovereignty” To New World Order.

Personal Development

I’m not ready to add a topic on prepping so I’ll place the next article here: The 10 Daily Habits of Prepared People.

End Notes

I can be reached at the following email address. It is not in standard format as webcrawling robots harvest identifiable email addressees from webpages, compile them into lists and sell the lists to spammers. Use thepoog before the @ symbol and digitaldoor after it followed by .net. Please forward any comments directly by email.

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