Bits and Pieces – 20190207, Thursday – The Standard Model Part II


I had a short conversation with a friend recently in which I voiced the opinion that the Harper conservatives in Canada were successful because they moved from the political right to the center. The Liberals were forced to share the left with the NDP, Green party and the Communists. The conservatives had no one right of them so they held the largest territory.

The Liberals appear to be doing it again. Their policies and financial management are increasingly what might have been identified with the left – broadly termed socialism. If their is anyone in the conservative party in Ottawa that is alive from the neck up, this might be the chance they need to regain power. At the least, if they can avoid shooting themselves in the foot as conservatives are prone to do, they may simply fall into a return to power.

But this is based on old school thinking. The problem is I don’t know where the center is today. In fact the Liberals may be right in the middle of it. Millennials and the emerging gen zeros may naturally be centered well to the left by an education system and media that has held that ground for the last fifty years or more. These generations appear to be sufficiently dumbed down and captivate by digital toys and social media that hey are incapable of critical thought and analysis.

Canada cannot survive as a sovereign nation, another four years of increasing socialism, economically, culturally or socially. Bringing a million immigrants into a moribund economy with a government whose spending is out of control will place our standard of living on a path convergent with the third world.

In the US, AOC has emerged as the darling of the Democrats. And they are not opposing her policies which are straight out of Looney Tunes: Green New Deal: “Air Travel Stops Becoming Necessary”. This is socialism moving into communism. As a rule of thumb I like to think that Canada lags the US by about three years. Will the last one to leave the room please turn out the lights.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

I am doing background research on community preparedness for power outages. This video at 11 minutes gives some background.

In the next major war, these weapons may be used: China, Russia Preparing For “Blackout Warfare” With “Super-EMP” Bombs. Are they likely to be used? You decide: Armed Services Committee Chairman Warns US And China “Headed For World War III”.

Propaganda and Fake News (MSM)

If you’re interested in how the MSM supports US coup efforts on the empire’s periphery, check this list: Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America.

The American Empire (AE)

Here is a good discussion of the nature of the AE and British Empire and the reason for their failure: The Price of Empire. This is a lovely description of the US today. The two videos on US foreign policy in my last post should give you the flavour of empire and its utter evilness. And here is a map of empire: Smithsonian Map Shows US Military Operating In Over 40% Of World’s Countries.

Maintaining an empire requires diligence: US “Regime Changes” – The Historical Record. The current unfolding saga of US imperialism is Venezuela: The Real Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change In Venezuela. The public is sold the coup as the replacement of an evil dictator by a legitimate opponent in a democratic process (don’t question this point please). But John Bolton gave the real reason. Russia and China have moved in to help develop Venezuelan oil. Bolton wants it all for US companies and needs a puppet in place to engineer this: John Bolton Admits US-backed Coup in Venezuela Is About Oil, Not Democracy. In Bolton’s words from this article: “It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela”. ’nuff said.

The US

Just a fascinating infographic – and not surprising: And The Most Politically-Biased Profession Is….

Keep an eye on this guy for 2020: Howard Schultz Lobs Patriotic Microaggressions After Savage Attack By Liz Warren. The left is fulminating against him. I love Bernie Sanders strategy against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for 2020: “I’ll see your 70% tax on the wealthy (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is floating a 70 percent top tax rate) and raise you 7% (Bernie Sanders proposes a big hike in the estate tax, including a 77% rate for over $1 billion).” What will Elizabeth Warren counter with?


The Trudeau government policy:

Here is some simple math although it seems beyond the cognitive capacity of the ruling elite: MALCOLM: Canadians foot the bill for rising asylum claimant costs. And while we’re at it, how is the Liberal foreign policy doing: Canada’s China fiasco is Chrystia Freeland’s latest failure?

And as I prepare to release this post: Hundreds Of Libyan Ex-Slaves Begin Arriving In Canada. The dozens of scientists, skilled engineers, brain surgeons and corporate executives among them will ensure that they are not simply a parasitic drain on our standard of living.

Signs of Societal Collapse

Just to keep the theme alive: Advanced Social Decay: You Will Cringe When You Read What Has Been Going On Behind Closed Doors All Across America.

Global Threats

I don’t have a clear title for this topic – the growth of government. Can you name three systems that exhibit uncontrolled growth leading to the demise of the patient? Two are cancer and ponzi schemes. The third is government. Martin Armstrong chronicles the rise and fall of the Roman Empire due to ever expanding government and taxation: Internal Migration – The Cycle or City States.

Sovereign Debt and the Credit Crisis

In the following infographic on sovereign debt, Canada is at the 1 o’clock position slightly out from the center.

What could go wrong:  If You Could Design A Perfect World For Gold…?


A new site with useful data is

Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)

The following academic paper is behind a paywall: Aerosol-driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low level clouds. Briefly, the study shows that the aerosols from pollution have a much greater impact on cloud formation than models account for, leading to a cooling effect through the increased albedo.

Grand Solar Minimum (GSM)

Even NASA says the atmosphere is cooling: Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Scientists Expect Global Cooling.

Bits and Pieces

Sam Elliot is one of my favourite actors. This kind of nails it for the progressives:

It goes along with this astonishing discovery: DOJ Study: Gun Control Laws Won’t Work Because Criminals Get Their Guns Illegally.

For Clint Eastwood fans, enjoy this short video:


In the inaugural part of this series, Bits and Pieces – 20190118, Friday – The Standard Model Part I, I referenced belief and knowledge. Knowledge I will define as information that is based on observation supported by a body of theory and related observations that are mutually consistent. Hence, although I have never seen an apple fall downward off of a tree, everything else that I have observed including tree leaves, have fallen downward. So I will say I know that apples fall downward.

Every observation made supporting the downward hypothesis can only give one confidence that the hypothesis is true. The observational proof is probabilistic. On the other hand, to disprove the hypothesis would require only a single reliable observation of an apple falling upward. We reinforce our hypotheses with theories that are consistent with the observations. In physics, these theories which comprise the standard model of the physical world are very strong. Yet at the frontiers, physicists are still employed trying to resolve esoteric anomalies. Recent theories like string theory have been proposed in an attempt to unify all aspects of the physical world, but unification remains elusive.

Belief I will define as the holding of a position without supporting knowledge, i.e. proof or observation. An equivalent term is doctrine. Religion for most people is largely a matter of belief or faith. The idea that Jesus walked on water is not supported by our standard model of physics and I am not aware of any credible examples of people performing this act to support a knowledge-based description of it. Therefore the acceptance of the idea is held in faith and is a matter of Christian doctrine.

The hypothesis that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) due to the combustion of fossil fuels will destroy the planet, is a good case to examine. In the vernacular, the equivalent expression is “climate change”. The definition of climate that I work with is that of a complex dynamic system. By definition, change is a property of such systems. So to use the term ‘climate change’ is to use a tautology, something that is a true statement by its nature. Based on this, I know that the climate changes, a fact consistent with all observed scientific climate data and everyday experience with the weather, which incidentally is not climate. Therefore, I do not believe in climate change because my knowledge preempts the possibility of belief. As to the AGW catastrophe theory, there is no evidence to support it. Climate models do not provide support when they in fact are inconsistent with observation. I realize such a claim invites the need to explain it but that is a rather long process outside this topic. I regularly publish references that destroy the “consequences” hypothesis of AGW catastrophe.

A major part of the global standard model is medicine, particularly Western allopathic medicine. Other forms of medicine from other cultures such as acupuncture, are creeping into the standard model but remain a peripheral phenomenon. My personal use of supplements based on limited research is somewhat outside the range of what my doctor would prescribe. But maybe now is the time to extend my model. To this end, I just watched a video by Dave Janda that gets into naturopathy a bit. Here it is:

More information on the issues discussed in the video can be found at

Further to the archeological standard model discussed in Part I, the first example that caught my attention that simply does not fit inside the model is that of the stone structures found in various places in South America. The following video shows one case:

What makes a mockery of the idea that this wall was built with stone-age or bronze-age tools is first the hardness of the rock. Andesite has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale scale (quite hard). The tools would wear out too fast. This wall is more sophisticated than the pyramids constructed from rectangular blocks. The polygonal shapes used in Peru are more complex.. The two-dimensional pattern of the wall is intricate enough. But the blocks are three-dimensional. Unfortunately we cannot see the geometry of the stones in the third dimension without disassembling the wall. However, if the blocks are not simply polygonal cylinders but vary in the third dimension with the same precision, the structure is at the limits of our ability to create with current technology. One would need CAD software to describe each block and then a specially designed milling machines with a diamond-studded cutting head guided by a laser to achieve precision, with advanced robotics to turn the multi-ton stone block and position the cutting head.

This would then lead to the hypothesis that there have been earlier civilizations with advanced technologies that we have no archeological evidence for. Such a hypothesis fits the various legends possessed by more recent civilizations around the world, but mainstream science discounts these. My standard model is open to the hypothesis if only based on the archeology that we are familiar with.

The final threat to our standard model that I will (re)introduce today is the theory of quantum gravity known as E8. It requires that the universe have a consciousness of an undefined nature. Watch this video:

Note that the constant Phi, the Golden Ratio, is a fundamental structural property of the universe in this theory.

End Notes

I can be reached at the following email address. It is not in standard format as webcrawling robots harvest identifiable email addressees from webpages, compile them into lists and sell the lists to spammers. Use thepoog before the @ symbol and digitaldoor after it followed by .net. Please forward any comments directly by email.

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