Bits and Pieces – 20190217, Sunday – The Standard Model Part III


I have often referenced John Mauldin, a writer who is vastly connected among key economic thinkers and money managers. I would describe him as an incurable optimist, particularly in the areas of medical and anti-aging research. I have a more pessimistic view – that our darkside and the systemic boundaries of a species growing uncontrollably will overtake the good stuff. Maybe. But the following TED talk is even more disturbing if only because it is at hand. Pandora’s box is wide open. Your standard model is about to be blown away.

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We have become as gods. I’ll leave aliens for another time.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

A friend wrote to me about the last post that it “scared the crap” out of him. Here’s my response:

Welcome to the crapless state. ANY event that takes the grid down for an extended period of time will be an extinction event. Before I left Ottawa, I interviewed about 3 dozen managers and representatives of a variety of businesses – banks, grocery stores, malls, the Civic Hospital, the Fire Department, etc. Most smaller businesses have battery operated emergency lighting only which gives them as I recall, about 36 hours at the outside. IKEA was an interesting exception. They have enough backup generation to operate their store at full operating levels. Until they run out of diesel. The key issue is the supply chain. Even if you have redundant backup generation like the Ottawa hospital, it’s only good as long as your diesel fuel lasts, your supplier still has reserves and refineries as the last rung on the ladder, still have reserves.

When you lose your diesel backup, the water loop as I call it shuts down. On the front end, you can’t pump fresh water into the purification plant which is now inoperable. On the back end you can’t pump sewage to the treatment plant which is now inoperable. In other words, Ottawa and Toronto have lost their water supply for household use and fighting fires, and sewage is starting to pool in low areas leading to cholera and typhoid, etc.

As for handicapped people above the first or second floor or the person in the penthouse on the 72nd floor in downtown Toronto where the elevator ceased working the first day …

The food industry is a just-in-time supply system. Stores will be cleared out in a couple of days – by looting since they shut down operations when the power fails. Gas stations, even if they could pump diesel which they would not be able to do –  will have empty tanks within the week. Transport trucks at this point are off the road and most supply chains are broken, likely at numerous points.

Oh, and point of sale terminals are down, banks are closed because they can’t operate even teller services without access to records which are maintained in central data centers. I don’t know what backup power there is for data communications links OR cell towers. The financial system will have shut down within a week at most I would estimate.

This is off the top of my head. Please show me which if any statement above is incorrect.

Propaganda and Fake News (MSM)

The MSM, the glove on the hand of state: How the Media Manufactures Consent for Regime Change in Venezuela. Nothing new to those who know.

Recall that many months ago I had reported on the Douma incident as a false flag attack through a series of 5 articles  (the first: Bits and Pieces – 20180415, Sunday and the last, Bits and Pieces – 20180825, Saturday).  Now we have confirmation from a reporter from the BBC: BBC Producer’s Syria Bombshell: Douma “Gas Attack” Footage “Was Staged”. However, don’t expect the BBC itself to followup on this as one of the main British sources of support of government narratives and propaganda – like the CBC in Canada. Add it to the list of events fabricated to start the Vietnam war and the Iraq wars among others.

The American Empire (AE)

The Spanish Empire was at its height in the seventeenth century as it looted gold and silver from its colonies in the New World. The US is doing the same in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries with oil – “black gold”: Oil, Agriculture, & Imperialism: Averting The Fast-Track To Armageddon? Then Spanish galleons moved the treasure: Spanish treasure fleet. Today it is oil tankers run by Exxon, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Haliburton and others. In both eras, the colonies supplied much more than just precious metals and fossil fuels. The article identifies other ways the countries on the periphery of empire are exploited today.

Global War: World War III

Making it easier: The World’s Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon Just Rolled Off the Assembly Line. But hey: it’s from the good guys.


Keep this in mind the next time your city decides it wants to run an Olympics games because of the financial benefits: Nearly Three Years After Olympics, The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee’s Debt Load Has Tripled.

Signs of Societal Collapse

A theme that has been central to San Fransico for a couple of years is actually more extensive than one city as outlined here in this report: Rats, Public Defecation And Open Drug Use: Our Major Western Cities Are Becoming Uninhabitable Hellholes.


The following essay explains globalism as a form of luciferianism. It’s not your average viewpoint on globalism but it might peak your interest. And what if it is a correct interpretation: Brandon Smith: A Secular Look At The Destructive Globalist Belief System?

Socialism and the Left

If you were hoping that enticing people with a guaranteed annual income would encourage them to get a jobs, it appears that they are much smarter than the progressives who propose such schemes: Finland Abandons ‘Helicopter Money’ Experiment: No New Jobs Created.

Reality sucks: “No Free Lunch” – Panera Shutters Last Socialist ‘Pay-What-You-Want’ Restaurant.


I’ve added this topic because I’m reading more in the area. I have reported on glyphosate in the past as a really bad product. The data has been suppressed but this new study should catch the attention of those engaged in the debate over Monsanto: New Study Finds 41% Increase In Cancer Risk From Roundup’s Glyphosate.


Placing extreme weather into historical perspective: Did Aborigines Create Global Warming In Australia? Hello, Coming Ice Age?.

Here’s some insight on how the AGW-alarmism became politically entrenched in the US and by default, the rest of the world: Al Gore’s Global Warming Deliberate Fraud to Increase Governmental Power.


Problems on the renewable path: The Renewable Revolution Has A Lithium Problem.

Personal Development

If you are a hunter, consider this: Can “Zombie Deer” Disease Kill Humans? Research Suggests It Already Has. Maybe it is better to let Bambi alone.

Bits and Pieces

This is a topic I have been aware of for some time: Insect Apocalypse: The Global Food Chain Faces Major Extinction Event And Scientists Don’t Know Why. I had been aware of the Puerto Rico study. About 4 or 5 years ago back in Ottawa, I had dozens of bumble bees in my garden. The next year I saw only two. After we moved to a larger property two tears ago, I set out to develop extensive gardens and tree plantings. Everything planted has to flower and produce seed or fruit for insects and birds. Last year I planted a linden (basswood) variety that should be covered with fragrant blossom this year, as well as a mulberry tree (birds love them) and a tulip tree, a native of the Carolinian forest region that I’ve moved to. I don’t know when it will start blooming. Last year I planted dogwood and mountain ash. This year I will focus on fruit trees and a spectrum of perennial flowers that bloom in every part of the year except winter. I’m also planning on building many more bird houses and possibly a bat house.

I did see a couple of bumble bees last year and I’m hoping I can get the population up. Two summers ago we had a large paper wasp or hornet nest beside our front porch. I sprayed it and recovered a body that I used to identify as a type of hornet which in turn is a type of wasp. The common yellow jacket wasp is a nuisance and a menace being an unwelcome picnic quest. This hornet, however, was never a problem. I realized it was probably living off of flower nectar. The colony recover partially and I left it alone after that. The next year the nest was empty. I had observed this in Ottawa with another type of hornet that built a similar nest that was vacant the following year. I wonder how these creatures overwinter and where? I’d welcome them back.

As an example of man’s perverse ingenuity, consider this solution: Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse.

Going back to bugs, in my younger days (50 years ago) whenever you bought gas you has to scrub your windshield to get the bug splatters off. No one cleans their windshield anymore – the bugs simply are not there.

I like off-the-wall bits of information. Enjoy this one by clicking on the link on the page: Walmart Nation: Mapping America’s Biggest Employers.

I rarely discuss investing although I have commented on precious metals and possibly the miners. It was the one sector I found that went up during the recent S&P correction. In anticipation of a colder winter based on my climate research which I have shared with you over the past years, I took a position in Enbridge. The company is in pipelines as well as being a major natural gas distributor in Ontario. If you share my interest in nat gas you might find this article interesting: 5 Things To Watch In Natural Gas. Inept – to put it kindly – governments in BC and Ottawa have kept us out of the liquefied natural gas business while countries like Australia, the US and Qatar grab the market. The cognitively constrained progressives that flog renewable energy can’t seem to make the connection that the cost of renewables is the amount of backup generation needed to offset their low capacity factors. And the only source of backup generation acceptable (to them if at all) is nat gas generation.

Here’s an infographic worth crawling through. It gives insight into the new gen Z. Don’t write them off – hire them: Meet Generation Z: The Newest Member to the Workforce.

End Notes

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