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One of the best non-partisan reporters and documentarians is John Pilger whom I have featured before. Here is what he has found in Venezuela: THE WAR ON VENEZUELA IS BUILT ON LIES. This is unrecognizable when viewed through the narrative lens of the MSM which is to say, the Western political establishment. Skill testing question: whom do you believe, John Bolton or John Pilger? If you’re a Venezuelan, your life may depend on the answer.

Here’s additional commentary: Shocker: “Humanitarian Aid” Stunt Used To Escalate Against Venezuela.

Cyber Warfare

Who is the best? Here’s a partial metric: Russia Has The Fastest Hackers. Unfortunately, the way the data was collected, largely precludes US government hackers like the NSA and the boys at Fort Meade so we don’t know how the US stacks up against Russia. But rest assured they are in the running.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

An EMP attack will be part of the next world war along with other forms of unconventional warfare not available for WWII such as cyber warfare and attacks on the grid. The following video talks about solar events that may bring down the grid like and EMP attack. I’m including it because the person interviewed, Lee Wheelbarger, has done his homework on the effects of EMP on all forms of transportation:

Propaganda and Fake News (MSM)

The following explains a lot about the MSM. But then we’ve known this for years: “I’m Committing Professional Suicide”: CBS Star Reporter Admits “Mostly Liberal” Journalists Are Now “Political Activists”. And if you’re a gay feminist, well you can name your price – or work for the CBC.

The American Empire (AE)

The Romans did it, the Spanish did it so why shouldn’t the US do it: US Army Takes 50 Tons of Gold From Syria in Alleged Deal With ISIS? Ain’t empire wonderful – and lucrative?

If you’re a Canadian, you don’t need to go to Parliament Hill on July 1 to see nice fireworks. You can go to Syria today and see them courtesy of you empire at work: Watch: US Drops Banned White Phosphorous On ISIS In East Syria. Do note that they still have white phosphorus weapons in their arsenal. Want to bet that they also have napalm, biological weapons and nerve agents too?


This is something that Russia cannot allow to happen: Ukraine: NATO in the Constitution.

Global War: World War III

The following short article by Pepe Escobar reads like a novel with its details carefully woven into a tapestry of intertwined observations about some key individuals and Russian culture: Pepe Escobar: Putin Rattles Sabre As Nuclear Pact Collapses.


Let’s see if Trudeau will take these nice folks in and give them $50,000 each and Canadian citizenship to start a new peaceful life: “But They Are Dangerous!” European Leaders Shocked At Trump’s ISIS Ultimatum .

I may be the last Canadian to learn this but here it is: Will Trudeau Resign After Former AG’s Explosive Testimony? A lady with integrity. How novel in this government!

TVO personality Steve Paikin whom I consider to be somewhat out on the left somewhere, does a good job in interviewing a panel on the SNC affair. In particular, Bob Fife, starting at the 14:25 mark does a dump of the immoral and criminal activities of SNC:

And this gal hammers home the issue:

Here’s a wrap-up:
Canada’s Liberals Circle The Wagons As Rivals Demand Trudeau Face Corruption Probe.

One of the reasons given for not prosecuting SNC is that a conviction would prevent it from getting government contracts for 10 years, severely hurting its business in Canada, and resulting in layoffs and a drop in stock price. Since SNC is held by the Quebec Pension Plan and many individual pensioners and investors, considerable economic harm could be done. This is one argument for not prosecuting SNC.

An interview with myself:

Myself: Why do people buy stocks?

Self: Well one hopes to make money as the stock value rises and on any dividends it pays. Conservative investors buy the “blue chip” stocks like Coca Cola, and in Quebec, SNC Lavalin which as of Friday paid a 2.64% dividend.

Myself: If SNC were charged with a criminal offense and convicted, then it would suffer a fate described above with the associated consequences. Given this information is it wise to have SNC in a conservative strategy portfolio?

Self: I wouldn’t think so because the risk of significant loss is large.

Myself: when were the charges laid?

Self: In 2015.

Myself: And the current date is?

Self: 2019.

Myself: So any investor has had how long to sell the stock before being hit with a loss due to prosecution?

Self: 4 years.

Myself: Hmmm…


Here is something to monitor closely: Soaring Canadian Insolvencies Cripple Local Banks. Recall that a number of months ago I had published a chart from the BIS showing that Canadian banks are the most vulnerable in the developed nations. If our banks reach the point of failure, then you will be bailed-in. This is a topic I have been meaning to write about.

And why should we be concerned at this time? In recessions, the economy contracts, economic activity slows and jobs are lost. Given that Canada has historically high levels of consumer debt, mortgage failures may be expected to rise. The result: Canada In Recession? GDP Unexpectedly Drops For 2nd Month In A Row? If you have stock in Canadian banks use tight training stops.

Socialism and the Left

This is how socialism really works:


I’m starting to track agriculture issues for a friend. I have a personal interest but have not published much other than on glyphosate. Here’s the latest: Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Found In Top Beer And Wind Brands . Good luck if you think an “organic” tag will protect you.

The Pension Crisis

Chicago is the poster-boy of Democratic municipal government along with Detroit. Detroit hit the bottom a year ago or so. Chicago is still digging. The center of the fiscal crisis is the defined benefit government employee pension fund: Chicago – Where More People are Retired than Paying into Government Pensions. Canada and Ontario in particular are headed down this path. Keep an eye on Chicago and the state of Illinois. It’s in your future.


As a marker for myself, herein an important climatologist who isn’t part of the the alarmist cabal: Dr. Don J. Easterbrook, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University.

The cognitively desolate doctrines of the progressive environmentalists are captured by Martin Armstrong: Climate Change Conspiracy to End Steel & Plastic Production. I have a simple experiment to test the feasibility of their ideas however. Round up a bunch of these progressives and confine them to a compound in the US Mid-West. They can take whatever they want into the compound with them as long as it contains no plastic or steel (actually any smelted metal) and it has not been manufactured or produced by any machine or device that contains any plastic or steel. Revisit them in one year to see how they are doing.

In the middle ages, if someone thought you were a witch you were burned at the stake or some other lovely means of dispatch. Depending on how you died determined your innocence or guilt. The modern day application of this thinking involves the trial of countries like Syria that are accused by the US of terrible crimes such as using chemical weapons on their own people, and on this basis, invaded and destroyed as a viable sovereign state. Afterwards, when you are found not to have committed the alleged indiscretions you are silently forgiven. Think of poor Assad who keeps getting bombed for the possession of chemical weapons that he does not posses a fact long confirmed by international inspectors.

Modern day climate “science” operates in a similar fashion. Make the accusation of AGW and then geo-engineer the planet to control the hypothetical warming: Scientists Are Hatching Mad Plans to Geoengineer Earth to Save Us from Global Warming. Never mind that success may destroy a good part of life on earth through a new ice age.

Personal Development

Are these foods in your diet: 7 Power-Foods That Lower Your Cancer Risk? They are:

  1. Coffee and tea;
  2. garlic
  3. bean sprouts;
  4. cabbage;
  5. broccoli;
  6. tomatoes; and
  7. Brazil nuts and walnuts.

End Notes

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