Introducing Paul Merkley

We are including our good friend, Professor Paul Merkley as our first guest columnist. The Bayview Review, a site that Paul contributes regularly to, writes of him:

“Paul Merkley is Professor Emeritus in History from Carleton University and the author of several books and many articles about the history of Christian interest in Israel and in Zionism. His latest books are American Presidents, Religion and Israel (Praeger, 2004) and Those That Bless You, I Will Bless: Christian Zionism in Historical Perspective (Mantua Press, 2011).”

We enjoy regular coffee discussions with Paul on current geopolitical topics. Much of this material appears in The Bayview Review although not all. On the other hand, Bayview has published a few of Paul’s essays that we have not captured.We value Paul’s historical perspective on Middle East issues and intend to publish whatever material he makes available.

Publication Archive

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