Flash Point: Yappy Little Dogs

We have been monitoring although not writing about the tensions in the South China Sea and between Japan and China particularly. We have decided to comment.

Aside: we have observed that obnoxiousness and aggressiveness in dogs is inversely correlated with their size. In particular, we had a neighborhood packĀ  of three Shih Tzu mongrels that would surround you yapping and snapping at your heels.

It occurred to us that the recent rise of belligerence in Japan when compared to the rise of belligerence in China. Was an apt comparison. Japan is a comparatively small nation geographically although its population ranks 10th in the world. Still this is less than one tenth the population of China. And Japan ranks third in GDP, just behind China.

It is the demographic imbalance, however, that should muzzle Japan. China’s population in 2010, had a median age of 34.2 whereas Japan had a median age of 44.7. That’s a ten year difference. Japan cannot afford a war with China. A significant loss of young people in a war would have major economic implications down the road simply by its impact on the median age of the workforce – robots excepted. For a discussion of Japanese demographics see: Zero Hedge Guest Post: How Demography Is Changing Japan.

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