Obama Has Secured His Legacy …

… as the most inept and disastrous president in American history.

In terms of domestic policy, Obamacare continues to unfold as a colossal socialist blunder. Never mind that the implementation has been a total screw-up and that initial projections of enrollment are out by an order of magnitude or more. Never mind that it has created structural damage to the employment  situation where tens of thousands of jobs have been deleted or changed from full-time to part-time (read Mike Shedlock: Jobs vs. Employment Analysis Suggests Huge Obamacare Impact (And Way Less Job Growth than Anyone Thinks)

It is the ongoing personal cost hidden in millions of little stories of people who have lost all coverage (such as: Latest Obamacare Glitch: One-Third of Enrollees May Not Get Insurance) or are paying multiples of what they previously paid for less coverage. Watch for massive fraud arising from phony insurers and lost personal identification information (read: No security ever built into Obamacare site: Hacker). A major negative transformation is taking place in the American healthcare system, one which will take years to fully emerge – if it survives at all.

It is in foreign policy however, that repeated fumbles by Obama have been crowned with the agreement just signed with Iran over their nuclear policy. In an excellent article at ZeroHedge titled A Confused World Reacts To The Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama’s success in Geneva is compared with Neville Chamberlain’s success in Munich in 1938.

Initial foreign reactions are presented but those we will focus on are a series of tweets by Iran’s new president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani. We reproduce (from ZeroHedge) the tweets below with our emphasis added.

  1. The important part of the agreement is the recognition of ‘s enrichment that has fortunately been described in a four-page document. (12:33 AM – 24 Nov 2013)
  2. Congratulations to all Iranians for the failure of sanctions and acknowledgment of the right to enrich. (12:56 AM – 24 Nov 2013)
  3. In memory of Martyrs of Nuclear energy killed by west-backed terrorists 4leading 2achieving nuclear technology. ()
  4. Pres. : “With these negotiations the world concluded that no threats can work on Iran.” (3:27 AM – 24 Nov 2013)
  5. Dr. : “The result of these negotiations is that the P5+1 i.e. the world powers recognize Iran’s nuclear rights ()

What the Iranian’s Gained

The Iranians now understand:

  1. that they have the right to enrich uranium (tweets 1 and 2);
  2. that they have the right to their own nuclear policy (tweet 5)
  3. that Western sanctions have been a failure (tweet 2); and
  4. that Western threats are toothless (tweet 4).

These four points are not extracted from Western news media or government spokespersons. These four points are not the understanding of Western powers. These four points are directly from the president of Iran himself and represent a total defeat of Western and particularly US policy to date on Iran’s nuclear position. The Iranians have secured a great victory over the United States and a weak president.

Also read The Geneva Agreement with Iran: A Foreign Policy Disaster by Daniel Pipes. For a precedent apart from Chamberlain’s Munich agreement, recall a similar agreement with North Korea in 2005: North Korea Says It Will Abandon Nuclear Efforts. We know how well that worked.

President Obama has now fully positioned his legacy. As with all presidents, it will take a few years for what he has set in motion to come to full fruition, but on both domestic and foreign policy fronts he has created disasters.

 Other Opinion

Today (20131125) we found additional support for our analysis: Can the Iran Deal Succeed? Not Likely. Likewise, Gary Halbert (20131126) reviews a number of sources and provides a commentary that supports ours: Iran Nuclear Accord: Historic Agreement Or Bad Deal? Likewise read Krauthammer: ‘Iran Agreement Is a Farce, the Worst Deal Since Munich in 1938’

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