The Ukraine: What a Country’s Boundaries Really Mean

To understand how little a county’s boundaries mean, play this animated map of Europe and West Asia that shows the change in makeup of the area over the last thousand years. The Ukraine is a very late addition to the world map. (Click in the lower right corner to open as full screen.)


Our friend Paul Merkley sent us a link to other map resources. What is now the Ukraine and Crimea was part of Islamic Civilizations 632-1350AD. This page has thumbnails of 54 individual maps. Left-click on any thumbnail to open a larger view. One can scroll through the map series one map at a time by left-clicking on the current expanded image. Most images can be expanded further by right-clicking on the current image. Select the “View Image” option from the menu that pops up. Use the browser back arrow to close this image and return to the thumbnail page.

Another series of 18 maps shows The Ottoman Empire which encompassed the territory of the present Ukraine and Crimea. The Ukraine in particular has come and (mostly) gone and reappeared while its boundaries constantly changed.

Now in case you are thinking that the 1400 year span of these maps is not sufficient to capture an early Ukraine, try this animated map over 5000 years.


Protests of Russia’s current actions by countries like Canada are made from colossal ignorance on the part of  the populace, the media and the government. It’s also a cheap way to buy the Ukrainian vote in Canada.

Europe has had an uneasy relationship with Russia as its neighbor. Both the French and the Germans attacked Russia in recent history, ultimately failing to conquer it. No wonder the Russians have a deep distrust of European motives in the current situation considering that the Ukraine is right on Russia’s border. It would much rather have a buffer state that was at minimum, neutral rather than pro-western, and at maximum, as a state that was allied with and sympathetic to Russian interests.

The Real Motives for Western Intervention

Gerald Celente, in a one page interview with King World News (KWN) (audio interview here) notes that the US is trying to destroy Russia and that what is really motivating Western interests is:

So that’s what you have here:  You have a trade war, a currency war, and you have an energy war.  So this has nothing to do with freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

In another KWN interview, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts notes the threat Russia poses to American hegemony (added emphasis):

All of this was brought on by these extreme elements that run Washington, who want to exercise hegemony over the entire world — over Russia, China, Iran, etc..  They engineered this coup, lost control, and have now placed these billionaire oligarchs in control of eastern Ukraine. 

If that situation gets ugly, Putin will probably have to do something.  Of course [Ukrainian] oligarchs with their militias are no match for the Russian Army.  This would mean yet another defeat for Washington.  How many defeats can they take before they pull the trigger.  So the greatest threat to life on Earth is the insane government in Washington.

The US is is another matter. The threat to the US is not territorial but political. Russia is one of the two or thee power centers that prevent the American empire from achieving world domination.

Further Thoughtful Commentary

Since the mainstream media is clueless to the entire situation in the Ukraine it is necessary to glean an understanding from other sources. Consider the following:

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