GM Announces New Recall Strategy

With news of the latest GM recall (read: Three More GM Recalls Today: When Will It End? and GM adds three more recalls of more than 450K) covering more than 473,600 vehicles and 20 million in total this year, GM has developed a new recall policy. When a consumer buys any new GM vehicle, it will be recalled before it leaves the dealership and on every anniversary of the initial purchase for 10 years. This should eliminate most of the recall notices that the company has been forced to make. An official noted that they had considered recalling vehicle as soon as they left the production line and reserve the right to extent their recall policy to include this preemptive action.

Followup Gut Splitter

Two days after posting this, MarketWatch informs us: GM recalls another 7.6 million cars. It confounds us that GM can still sell cars! We’d short the stock as a bet on total management¬† incompetency in the company but we’re afraid that that this incompetence may be exceeded by the gullibility and ignorance manifest by the general public. The optimal strategy for the public would seem to be to own two different model GM vehicles from different model years. This will increase the odds of having at least one road-worthy GM vehicle at any time.

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