Socialism: The New World Order

This is a theme that has begun to emerge in writings that are appearing on the internet. This article will collect them as we encounter them so that we can analyze them and break them down into their points. This will allow us to create benchmarks against which actual events can be correlated. This is preliminary research from which more organized essays may be written.

20150113: James Turk

In an article titled The World Is Now Teetering On The Brink Of Two Disastrous Outcomes Turk says:

Normally when a central bank expands its balance sheet the result is a weak currency, while the currency of a central bank shrinking its balance sheet is strong. But that is not happening today, … a clear example of the results of central planning.

Massive amounts of hot money have been flowing out of Europe – and other parts of the world … into the US dollar. … [directly] into the US stock market …

He sees a number of possible outcomes:

  1. In one, the S&P is painting a picture of money printing, with more QE. Stock markets always rise when a currency is headed toward hyperinflation. As the dollar is debased …, money will flow into tangibles like gold, … [and] near-tangibles like the equities of gold mining companies, other commodity producers, and companies that own valuable tangible assets.
  2. [Europe] is leading to a 1930s-style deflation with stocks falling. Under these conditions people will want to hold money, not stocks, and gold.

Turk can be described as a gold bug, hence the emphasis on gold. His analysis of central bank actions is likely accurate.

20150113: Robert Fitzwilson

In When The World Monetary System Collapses, Life Will Go On, discusses Fabianism and the Fabian Society which he describes as

… devoted to bringing socialism to the world, but in a gradual, not revolutionary change. The delaying, non-confrontational approach to battle lead them to name their group after Fabius.

Other key points are:

Their version of the New World Order has been undermining the modern world for over 130 years. While their approach was gradual and stealthy, the results of their efforts and others are becoming readily apparent to those who are willing to look. … the central planners … and their proxies have succeeded in destroying the so-called ties that bind.

Among these would be family, faith, work ethic, self-reliance, functioning capital markets, the rule of law and the savings of the world.

The end game:

When the world monetary system collapses, life will go on. People will need some form of sound money as well as food, energy, water and security to name a few.

20150110: Christopher Monckton

In this audio interview Monckton references a new climate model that shows that CO2 emissions will not contribute to significant global warming. This model invalidates the basis for the economic price being assessed on carbon. He says that it masks a real agenda by the political left to shut down Western economies and destroy capitalism. He states that the UN will try and unseat Canada’s Stephen Harper in a 2015 spring election because of his failure to support the climate-based agenda. Sir David King is a key proponent of this agenda.

The commissars that run the EU government are proceeding slowly one small step at a time to achieve their goals of a central European government. The UN is following the same path starting with the climate conference in Paris. The goal is a totalitarian global government by the UN that replaces national democratic governance.

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