Flash Point: The False Flag for WWIII

World War III will be fought with the US and NATO on one side against an axis of Russia, China, and Iran on the other. None of these countries are particularly aggressive at this point, being interested in maintaining the current detente on their borders while perusing their outstanding territorial claims.

The US on the other hand views them as emerging regional hegemonic powers and a threat to the American Empire. The US is ready to use its superiority in weapons and naval strength to beat the threat back, using NATO as a pawn in the game.

To start the conflict, they will need a false flag incident, a strategy they have used in Vietnam, Iraq and Syria to justify their intervention. So the strategy then is to prepare the population for war by demonizing the other side, largely with the help of mainstream media. This has been done using the Ukraine. The false flag event when it comes, will be identified by political rhetoric and a media outcry over the event and a call for significant punitive retaliation. This will be done quickly before the event can be fully examined in terms of the claims of both sides. In other words, it will be one-sided – our side – with no serious consideration given to the other side.

What the event will be we don not know, but it will be readily identified by the above parameters. A downed airliner is probably not enough. At this point, there will be a short period of mobilization in which astute individuals can make preparation. Unless of course one side goes for a nuclear first strike.

Canada has been carefully following American foreign policy so far, particularly through its NATO membership. In a nuclear war, one warhead on Ottawa would take out the political and military control structure. A second on Toronto would collapse the Canadian financial system. At that point Canad would be out of the war. We’re sure Russia and China can spare a warhead or two for us.

Addendum: 20150506

After publishing our note we received this article: CFR Says China Must Be Defeated And TPP Is Essential To That. The CFR is a very influential think-tank in the US and the article likely reflects mainstream neocon thinking. The imperative for war is clearly outlined in it.

We would also point out that countries go to war when conditions at home threaten the state. The recent Baltimore riots like the advanced spring drought in the Southwest (California is the Canary) promise a hot and incendiary summer. Since neither issue is solvable we expect a war to take the county’s mind off its internal problems.

More recently (20150511) Paul Craig Roberts wrote War Threat Rises As Economy Declines, Warns Paul Craig Roberts. He outlines the failing financial condition of the US and the political biases that have grown and threaten war.


Addendum: 20150527

Last night, in a meeting with friends, we argued the parallel between WWII and the current environment. In 1941, the US was trying to contain the regional hegemonic aspirations of Japan in the Pacific while being worried of another hegemonic power emerging in Germany.

Today we see Russia reduced from a global superpower to a regional hegemonic one with China emerging as the dominant hegemonic power in the Pacific. Our argument is that the US will go to war with its NATO allies to smash these threats that it sees to the American Empire.

We argued that the conflict between the US and China over the Spratly Islands had escalated to the point that neither side can back down, losing face in the process and appearing weak. Thus we look for an incident similar to the oil embargo the US imposed on japan that lead to an attempt to destroy the US Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor.

The US may not need to create a false flag incident as it did in the Gulf of Tonkin to start the Vietnamese war. It may be much more direct this time. Today we find support on Zero Hedge: Asia Scholar Lays Out “Three Ways China And The US Could Go To War”.

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