Entering Survival Mode

Survivalism if it is an “ism” has been around for decades as a current societal meme practiced by many. We have become increasingly of such a persuasion. Fixing the world is a waste of time and money – it can’t be done. It’s like viewing a hurricane forming in the Atlantic. Most people will be unaware of it until it is 10 miles offshore; and nothing can be done to either prevent its formation or its development. The solution for New Orleans residents was not to board up windows as the storm approached but to move out of New Orleans long before Katrina formed.

In this post we try and identify where our Katrinas will emerge from and to develop a survival strategy. If you’re interested in participating in this project, write “water at digitaldoor dot net”. To prevent webcrawlers from harvesting this address, replace “at” with the ampersand and “dot” with a period. We lay out below, the structure of the project we are launching.

Hurricane Season

The various threads that make up the overall picture for us are:

  1. Depleting natural resources:, forest, minerals, land.
  2. Depleting energy resources.
  3. Depleting water resources.
  4. Depleting agricultural resources.
  5. Changing climate (a tautology) and our response to perceived threats arising from changes.
  6. Economic decline.
  7. Increasing disparity in wealth and social unrest as social programs collapse.
  8. The growth of government and regulation and a trend towards totalitarian states.

Using the parable of the three blind men and the elephant (Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant), each of the above themes represent different views of blind men. We are interested in a synthesis of the themes to better understand the underlying elephant.

Much has been written on each theme and many have created syntheses of them. We initiate a project where we would hope other individuals would become involved in researching each broad topic.

Move to Nevada

Nevada doesn’t have hurricanes to deal with other than minor associated weather disturbance. Using the research from the section above, we would hope to find our individual “Nevadas”.

The Research

This section points to other articles that capture the research into the themes above. It is a work  in progress. Links are:

Municipalities in Southwest Ontario

We are assessing municipalities in Southwest Ontario for their suitability as a place to move to.

Individual municipalities or cities and towns revived are:


Here are some xxx used in the pages that are linked in this overview document:

  • ML/d: megalitres or millions of litres per day.
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