The 2030 Agenda

Today we became aware of this latest UN initiative (Zero Hedge: The UN Just Unleashed “The Global Goals” – The Elites’ Blueprint For A “United World”) replacing Agenda 21. Here’s your introduction to it:

This video is a visual and auditory cacophony, and as we shall see, of ideological positions that cannot succeed. There is the potential for much death and destruction before its failure is finally accepted.

The Ideological Franework

The Public/Private Cycle of Martin Armstrong

In his blog post, The ECM and the Interaction of a Complex Wave Structure, Martin introduces a number of natural cycles that he bases his predictions on. He states:

“So the last wave at the 51.6 year fractal level is the clash between big government trying to retain power from the 309.6 year level against the people trying to restore their freedom Laissez-faire at the 51.6 year level.”

The peak of the public (big government) thrust he identifies as 2032.95 or December 13, 2032. Based on his theory of natural cycles we would expect efforts to move to a centralized world government to peak at this time. Agenda 2030 appears to fit nicely into this timeline.

Laudato Si’

Laudato Si’ is the papal encyclical aligned with Agenda 30.

The Leap manifesto: Global Ideology in Canada

Recently a regressive group of left-wing individuals going under the appelation of “progressives”put forward the Leap Manifesto authored by Naomi Klein. This appears to be a Canadian version of Agenda 30 and equally flawed.


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