Flash Point: View from the Empire

We have become aware of late of the portrayal of Russian activity as dangerous and aggressive while similar behavior from the Americans is seen as righteous. We came across a lovely example today in a Fox News interview with Carly Fiorina, a Republican Candidate for President (0:58 seconds):

(h/t Mike Shedlock: Trump vs. Fiorina vs. Obama on Isis; Fiorina and the “Law of Bad Ideas”)

Note her statement about 14 seconds into the interview:

… we must make it crystal clear to the Russians that they do not get to move into the Middle East and become the dominant outside power…

So the dominant outside power in the Middle East, the American Empire, isn’t about to let anyone else play their game, a primary characteristic of empire.

Fiorina provides one other example of the double standard contained in Western bias. At about 0:41 seconds she says:

Remember Russian jets have been basically conducting dangerous and unpredictable maneuvers around our waters and our borders and our territory. So this is clearly a Russian aggressor …

Passing over the idiocy of expecting a Russian jet to be “predictable”, we have such maneuvers as “clearly” identifying the Russians as aggressors. So the recent exercise by the US military, 300 yards from the Russian border (read the Washington Post: U.S. military vehicles paraded 300 yards from the Russian border) would constitute grounds for describing the United States as an aggressor if it weren’t for the fact that we are the good guys and by definition our actions are good, peaceful and non-aggressive.

A Note on the Notion of an American Empire

For those of us raised in North American culture, the idea of an American Empire may be a difficult one to accept. In this regard, watch this video (1:25:11 minutes):

(h/t Zero Hedge: Lawrence Wilkerson: “The American ‘Empire’ Is In Deep, Deep Trouble”)

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