Jeffrey Saut – 2016

The month below:




  • 20160229 “By the Side of the Road”
    • Now the Trannies could be pointing the way higher
    • there are a number of indicators bullish.
  • 20160224 Raymond James Investment Strategy 02/24/2016
  • 20160222 “The Direct Credits Society?”
  • 20160217 Charts of the Week
  • 20160208 “Episodic Volatility”
    • the major indices still have not been able to string together three or more consecutive positive sessions, which is what is required to break the back of a selling stampede. It is also important not to commit capital untilthat sequence occurs.
    • we have now had one 90% Downside Day (2-2-16) and two 90% Upside Days (January 26 and 29 when 90% of total volume traded came in on the upside) reinforcing our belief that the selling stampede ended at session 21 on 1-28-16 with a “print low” for the SPX at about 1872. That intraday low has been tested twice since then. First on February 3rd and again last Friday. So far the 1872 level has contained the declines. If that level “falls,” however, it would suggest a full downside retest of the January lows between 1810 and 1820.
  • 20160201 “Rich Man, Poor Man”


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