Bits and Pieces – 20161112, Saturday

What We’re Reading Today

Commentary: The backlash against Trump’s victory I find surprising because of the violence involved. The celebrity reaction was to be expected as people like Miley Cyrus aren’t known for their deep intellect. (Please don’t move to Canada – any of you!). The MSM has been visibly delusional throughout the campaign and as such would not be expected to change but to search for some way to rationalize their losing positions.

The total absorption of the liberal intelligentsia in their own wants and ideologies, while nothing new, is surprising because it has been expressed so vehemently, extensively and openly. From conversations with a couple of anti-Trump acquaintances I came to realize that these people are completely of a closed mind, governed by the belief that they are open-minded and in no need of examining their positions.

In short, the polarization exposed by the election will not be reduced in Trump’s time. Indeed, activists and organizers on the left, including the Clintons, will work to deepen it.

Trump team: In this article there are thoughts about Trump’s appointees. The question I would pose about Soros is can’t we just drone this guy? The Clintons And Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution. Seriously, Soros should have been taken out long ago. Both the Americans and the Russians are quite capable of this.

Civil Unrest: Expect to see unrest funded and guided by these people: The Clintons And Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution. And from the streets, enjoy this commentary on the behavior of the left:

The left are showing their stripes: Anti-Trump Riots in 14 Cities, Man Shot, Windows Smashed, Carjackings. The left through union organizing as well as some hardcore communist-leaning academics have always resorted to violence. Witness the violence that they perpetrated at Trump rallies. In Chicago: Chicago Man Beaten By Angry Black Mob For Voting Trump Speaks Out.

Climate: I have seen discussion 0n Judith Curry’s blog, Climate, Etc., about the reasons for extreme cold in northern Europe. Martin Armstrong has been predicting a mini ice-age comparable to the Maunder Minimum and for the same reasons – falling solar output. His model is based on cycles but then so are all models of climate science. Read: The new-Mini Ice Age Coming Rapidly. I may explore this in some depth.

Bits and Pieces: What Trudeau wouldn’t do, Trump has already accomplished: ObamaTrade Is Dead: White House Abandons TPP As EU Halts Trade Talks After Trump Victory.

On a personal note, we had a home showing this morning. For those of you who have seen our house recently, perhaps you can help us understand this feedback: “Nice home.  Requires more updating than they are willing to take on, also house too close to busy road.”  (Showing November 11th ). I blame it on Mary. She nixed the 24 ct gold faucets which the young buyers seem to feel they deserve..

The deep state is a serious threat to trump, more so than the liberal elite: “Beware Of The Shadow Government”: Ron Paul Warns President-Elect Trump.

And just when you thought California couldn’t get any nuttier: California Will Also Use Radar to Issue Tickets to Bicycles for Speeding.

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