Bits and Pieces – 20170126, Thursday

Commentary: The next time someone you know complains that Hillary won the popular vote and should be president, show them this map (red is a Republican majority and blue is Democrat):

Trump “lie” of note: Peter Mansbridge on The National on January 24 said of Trump (10:02 mark of the video) that “he repeated his false claim that voter fraud kept him from winning the popular vote”. It is typical CBC to make statements for which no proof is given and may indeed be false such as the claim that Trump’s claim is false. Certainly there was voter fraud in Michigan where a recount in heavily Democratic precincts (Wayne County) couldn’t be conducted because of irregularities in poll documentation. There were other cases of fraud reported from Texas and other states. Maybe we will yet find the truth though:  Trump To Launch “Major Investigation Into Voter Fraud”. In the meantime, Mansbridge owes us a retraction.

Trump: This may have far-reaching effects (of course what Trump actions don’t) on the globalist agenda: Trump’s Next Executive Orders: “Drastically Reducing” US Role In International Organizations, Ending Treaties.

On the immigration front: Trump Signs Executive Orders To “Begin Immediate Construction Of Border Wall”, Immigration Enforcement.

The Deep State just lost some depth: Wave Of State Department Personnel Resign, Are Fired As Tillerson Takes Control.

From the Left: Two articles came to my attention today, one from a friend: Glavin: The global order shifts while the president acts like a crazy person and one from Is American Democracy Strong Enough for Trump?What is notable from the media and the left in general, something that characterized the entire election campaign is the failure to extend an even-handed critique of Hillary, Obama and the Democrats in general. This extends through these articles. In the end such articles simply don’t matter. They are preaching to a constituency that has a closed narrative. In the meantime, Trump is doing exactly what he said he would do and what the American people (outside of California) voted him to do.

Climate: The Trump impact on the orientation towards policy affecting climate research: The Trump shift.

WWIII: Trump may be on speaking terms with Putin but the following doesn’t contribute to a deescalation of tensions: Trump Proposal For Syria “Safe Zones” To Escalate US Military Involvement In The Region. I think these boys are a little unbalanced but blame Trump anyway: x“Doomsday Clock” Advances To Two And A Half Minutes To Midnight, Trump Blamed.

Bits and Pieces: A note of interest on Obama: Obama Sets Record For Lowest Supreme Court Win Rate Since Zachary Taylor In 1850.

The view from the global elites gathered in Davos: Consensus”—More Welfare and Warfare.

More extraordinary stuff out of the Whitehouse. Putting the MSM in its place: Bannon Declares War On The “Elite” Media: “Keep Your Mouth Shut”.

This is a must listen TED Talk on cybercrime: Caleb Barlow: Where is cybercrime really coming from?   This one is good too: Everyday cybercrime — and what you can do about it.


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