Bits and Pieces – 20170217, Friday

Commentary: I am still confounded by the phenomenon of Trump hatred in Canada. First of all, he is not our president, and who or what he is and what he does is really none of our business beyond what impact his policies might have on Canada. When confronted on their hatred, people shuffle their feet and mumble a few multi-syllabic words that they have learned from the CBC. I have referred to the psychic energy that they have stored up, without understanding its source. Today a piece slipped into place.  But a little sideways trip first.

Pyroclastic flows are interesting because their movement is as a liquid but they are an ensemble of solid materials and gases. They happen when a dense collection of material has enough potential (gravitational) energy to overcome static friction and transform into kinetic energy through movement. Mudslides are similar. They consist of a solid mass of earth, typically clays, that has absorbed water. They are situated on hillsides where, like pyroclastic flows, they have significant stored potential energy. At some point in the system a phase change begins and the solid rapidly turns into a liquid – the ground liquefies – and the result you read about in the newspaper.

Earthquakes and forest fires also occur in systems that have similar characteristics: sufficient density of the components that will fail, built up potential energy stored in the system, and a trigger event that begins the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy.

Studies have shown that as rat populations increase in density, behavior becomes increasingly dysfunctional (dredged up from the far past so I can’t cite a source). My argument is then that as our populations compresses into cities (again numbers I’ve seen more recently but can’t recall exactly), stress (that was what got the rats) increases and we accumulate negative psychic energy in forms such as anger. Trump is a small forest fire. He is a release point for a small part of this energy. Riots are larger forest fires. The big ones occur on a multi-decadal scale in the form of revolutions and wars.

The generational cycle theory of Howe and Strauss may provide a historical description of this kind of energy accumulation and release. The issue is not that Trump may have grabbed some woman’s crotch but what’s it to you?

Having written this yesterday, I came across this article today: The Road To Hell Was Paved With College Safe Spaces. It rambles but it gave me this, a thread to follow up on with reference to what I had written above: The Unwisest Idea on Campus. In particular, in reference to microaggressions, this quote: “these negative emotions and the conflicts they engender are likely to radiate outward through the students’ social networks (Christakis & Fowler, 2009).” This I would translate into my psychic energy term.

The world’s 8 largest cities are all in the developing or third world, and range in size from 14 to 24 million. The worlds 50 most dangerous cities (murders per 100,000) are all in Central and South America with the exception of 3 in South Africa and 4 in the US. More specifically, the southern countries are a small group, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Venezuela and Columbia. None of the 50 appear in the 50 largest list.

So if murders are a manifestation of the psychic energy stored in a city, it’s not necessarily the city’s size that is the primary causal factor.

I was wondering if the degree of regulation in Western society has an effect in either controlling or creating psychic stress. Certainly the larger our cities become the more bylaws we create to limit what might be considered to be antisocial behavior.

Civil Unrest: Brexit exit through revolution: Tony Blair Says Brits Should Now Rise Up and Revolt. The following article is more than a criticism of MSM bias, it looks at the rising call for a revolution by the left to overthrow Trump and presumably end the republic: Should Independents Boycott Disney for Supporting ABC News that is just Leftist?

A soft coup must be treated more seriously in light of the actions of the intelligence community backed by the Democrats: The Deep State Targets Trump.

Climate: Here’s an interesting paper, Nature Unbound II: The Dansgaard- Oeschger Cycle, on what are called Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles. These are primarily northern henisphere temperature cycles of about 8 degrtees C with a very regular period of 1470 years: Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events. A second type of large temperature event is the 6,000 year period, Heinrich event. Of the D-O event, the author notes that “CO2 has no role during D-O cycle, and its levels are neither cause nor consequence of the most frequent and most abrupt climate changes of the past.” Since both of these events span temperature ranges much greater than the 2 degrees the climate alarmists are worried about, we may be throwing money at the wrong problem. Maybe we should be worried about the next ice age.

Bits and Pieces: Never to be seen in the MSM, the inner working of the Palestinian Authority, champion of the Palestinian peoples oppressed by Israel: Palestinian Assault on Freedoms.

The Canadian medical system , a short comment: Yikes: Canada’s Healthcare System Has Some Of The Longest Wait Times In The World.

For those so upset about alleged Russian meddling in the US election, a moderating fact: Wikileaks Exposes CIA Involvement In French 2012 Presidential Election.

This article outlines the shift from MSM to social media for conveying information: Visualizing The Fake News Problem. Maybe we should be asking who controls the social media world. The control emerged many tome during the election when bias was exposed by the social media companies used to cotrol the media. And who are the new MSSM (mainstream social media) oligarchs? People like globalist Mark Zukerberg: Mark Zuckerberg Rejects “America First”, Calls For Global Community. And this feeds back into my opening commentary: social media is the feedback mechanism for transmitting negative energy. Question to ponder: is technology speeding up the generational cycle’s “Forth Turning?”.

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