Bits and Pieces – 20170219, Sunday

The Deep State: I came across this article on Jim Quinn’s The Burning Platform blog: DHS INSIDER SAYS IT’S SPY VS SPY. The article discusses the split in the intelligence community – a major component of the Deep State – between those who support the president and those who want to overthrow him. A news item that I had barely taken note of and dismissed called “PizzaGate”, is discussed as “PedoGate”, a pedophilia resort run by the CIA and the Israeli Mossad to capture videos of high-ranking politicians having sex with minors to  use as leverage over them. The article also sheds light on the background for US Mideast policy and war, the reasons for the antagonistic approach to Russia, and relationships with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

By the way, WJC are the initials of Bill Clinton. I had previously read an article or two referencing Bill’s taking a 13-year old girl to a resort Island, an event where the Secret Service was told to stay away from.

Out of this came a reference to an ex-CIA operative named Robert David Steele. Here he is in a 50-minute interview: Former CIA Case Officer Robert David Steele – A Message to Donald Trump on The Hagmann Report 2/7/1.  He gives Trump 90 days to clean things up or be sidelined. The two sources really take the cover off the operations of the Deep State.

Steele seems to suggest that pro-Trump elements in the CIA will give him the video material to take down some notable opponents whom Steele names. Conspiracy theory or fact will be determined by time I guess.

From the Left: The idea of a soft coup we have put forward before. Today, a couple more articles on the topic: Jay Sekulow: Obama Should Be “Held Accountable” For The “Soft Coup” Against Trump and this piece from Martin Armstrong: Obama is the Source of the Coup. On the more general topic of revolution we have: The Left is Intentionally Creating a Coordinated Revolution.

Bits and Pieces: More on the rise of the MSSM and the demise of the MSM: The Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto Is a Blueprint for Destroying Journalism. How Zuckerberg will destroy the MSM as a form of collateral damage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has broken out in the last few years with breakthroughs that will impact every industry and every field of knowledge. The Chinese are moving into the forefront: China’s Artificial-Intelligence Boom.

Until now, robotics and automation have displaced mostly manufacturing jobs (which is why Trump can’t bring that many jobs back onshore – jobs that left now don’t exist). In the next 10 years, barring a major economic reset, service jobs will also be decimated. The productive tax base of countries will shrink dramatically while the claimants for entitlement benefits will rise dramatically. There will, as a result, be revolution and wars like we have not witnessed in our lifetime.

Understanding a wild Turkey – this short article suggests that Erdo?an is trying to restore the Ottoman Empire: Greece – Cyprus – EU & Rise of the Neo-Ottoman Empire.

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