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Commentary: I go away for three days and they start the war without me. I’ve reformulated this short piece several times as I read more and more. Buried in the links below is a reference to the previous chemical attack that Obama chose not to respond to for lack of evidence of the source.

Here are a few links of many that show what arguments thinking people (the MSM exclude themselves almost by definition) are pondering: Ex-UK Ambassador To Syria Questions Chemical Attack; “It Doesn’t Make Sense, Assad Is Not Mad”. Also this: CNN Anchor Speechless After Congressman Questions Syria Chemical Attack Narrative and this: Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag, and this from Howard Kunstler answering the key question: “Why?”: Bombs Away! Scott Adams also had similar thoughts.

Mike Shedlock polled his readers on for possible sources of the attack: Syria Whodunit and Brainwashed Puppets: Readers Respond on Most Likely and Least Likely Perpetrators. Two thirds believe some actor other than the Syrian government is the perpetrator. A false flag attack engineered by the Saudis or another Gulf state is the most likely as was the case last time

In other words, a false flag chemical attack to draw Trump in. He’s certainly being managed well by the Deep State. And some context: Syrian Warplanes From US-Hit Air Base Said To Resume Air Strikes. But Trump does have his supporters for this: ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump’s Attack. Also, he received praise from most of his opponents including CNN. That they haven’t even put their knives away will be noticed soon enough. The cost has been loss of his support base.

For a different perspective on Trump’s action, listen to this 24 minute interview: Larry Lindsey – What The World Is Now Witnessing Is Unprecedented. When Trump states that the action is to protect the national interest, if you are trying to figure out what those interests are, it has been long established that the primary interest is in pipelines that must cross Syria: Syria – Pipeline – How The Press Will Not Tell the Truth about Syria. Also see the discussion of pipelines under the WWII section below. The idea that the US is waging war on Syria to remove a brutal dictator is a load of crap served up for the media and the public. There is no shortage of brutal dictators, past and present, that they could remove but choose not to. Nor do they hesitate to support and even create repressive regimes that serve American “national interest”.

And a couple more discussing the wider significance of the attack on Syria: Luring Trump into Mideast Wars and The Media’s Missing the Point: Syria, Empire and the Power of Signaling. The latter article by Charles Hugh-Smith suggests that a much deeper strategy of “signalling” is in play, one that seems unlikely to be Trump’s.

The War on Cash: Here’s a paper from the IMF on the topic: IMF Issue Working Paper on Eliminating Cash.

WWIII: It looks increasingly like war in Korea. The US has moved the Carl Vinson carrier strike group into Kim Jong-Un’s backyard: US Sends Aircraft Carrier Toward North Korea “In Response to Recent Provocations”. Un is noted for getting his way and has stated that he is developing an ICBM capable of striking the US. I have reported that the US is readying elite special forces units to go in and kill Un.

At some point they will have to take out this growing nuclear threat. But for fun, let’s add in the Chinese: Stocks Slide On Report China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korea Border.

Back on the Syria issue: Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will “Respond With Force” If Syria “Red Lines” Crossed Again. The neocons will probably try to push Putin back. He may not fold.

I thought that with Hillary gone, the likelihood of WWIII had decreased significantly. However, Syria is hot once again and Korea may be contained only if the US can assure China that their only interest is a regime change and removal of the nuclear threat. An attempt to install a pro-Western government will create a Ukraine situation for the Chinese. It depends on how badly the US wants another Korean war or if the want to solve the South China Sea once and for all.

Climate: Here’s a fascinating hypothesis: that rising CO2 after the last ice age resulted in greater plant growth enabling the social transition from hunter/gatherer to stable agricultural based societies. That the change was global generated a number of hypotheses all of which have been discounted. A new one based on increasing CO2 levels seems to be the one that still fits. Social stability led to trade and ultimately the industrial development of our modern world. Continued “greening” due to higher current levels is noted. See Judith Curry: A beneficial climate change hypothesis. The wide range of disciplines used to develop this hypothesis is a lovely example of how we need to think about everything in terms of systems and not silos.

But here’s a thought. Coming into Toronto by train is like entering a canyon – dozens of condominium towers of 30 and 40 stories line the lakeshore near the tracks. Now consider this article: The millennial generation may be the first clearly adapted generation to a new social order that has been rapidly evolving since the industrial revolution: city dwelling.

For millennia, cities have been defined by the limits of materials and technology. With wood we could only build up 3 or 4 stories. Sun-baked brick, stone and mortar might have given us another 2 or 3. With steel and concrete we could go much higher but the social paradigm into the middle of the twentieth century was to own a house in the suburbs. The owned home was the ultimate expression of financial security and independence. The above article suggest millennials have reversed the paradigm to one of eschewing the suburban sprawl for urban density.

This means we will be able to pack more and more people into cities without increasing their geographical footprint. To sustain this increase however we will need higher productivity from agriculture since arable land is pretty well developed. We need higher CO2 concentrations to achieve this. Just don’t build these cities on flood plains and in coastal regions.

Bits and Pieces: Does Trump have a game plan or is he simply being gamed by the Deep State: White House Shakeup? Rumors Swirl That Bannon / Priebus On The Chopping Block. Syria adds to the dilemma. At this point, Trump may be pretty well contained.

Canada corner: Huge Increase In Americans Denied Entry To Canada. Also, the Canadian housing bubble is alive and well: Canadian Housing Starts Explode To 9 Year Highs As Renter Nation Spreads.

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