Bits and Pieces – 20170416 – Sunday

Commentary: Correction: It appears that I used inappropriate terminology when I said that Trump “took the leash off”” of the military. The correct phrase is “the military is given empowerment to do what we need to do” – much more sanitary terminology.

I came across an analysis of the Syrian nerve gas attack: Assessment of White House Intelligence Report About Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria. The report leads to the conclusion that what the White House reported is a fabrication and that the attack was likely a planned false flag event. It’s a long, detailed analysis and requires a carefully supported counter-analysis if any other conclusion is to be drawn. A related article is: Did Al Qaeda Fool The White House Again?

There is one way to call off the war: a palace coup in which Kim Jong-Un and the remaining members of his family that he hasn’t already killed are in turn killed and the coup leaders announce the end of the armament programs. This has to happen very fast if it is possible: US May Launch Preemptive Strike On North Korea Ahead Of Nuclear Test. The US opening move will have to make the “shock and awe” of the Iraq war look like a child’s playground game.

But maybe there are other strategies in play. Charles Hugh-Smith suggests the US is forcing the Chinese to act in order to save face over their rogue client state which they haven’t been able to control: The US & China: Why The Sudden Convergence On North Korea? The following article also speaks to the US/China cooperation on North Korea if you can call Trump’s threat over a trade deal, cooperation: McMaster: “Working With China On Range Of Options” To Respond To North Korea Provocation. This latter article also discusses the Syrian situation.

And an update on how we’re winning the war(s): International airstrikes and civilian casualty claims in Iraq and Syria: March 2017.

Fake News: “Fake News” is a term that broke into prominence during the recent US  election. Coutesy of Google Trends:

In this article, Fake News From the Fed, Bill Bonner examines the problem of what we can understand about events in terms of “critical narratives” and myths. He makes a critical assessment of what Trump can likely achieve. A recommended read.

The American Empire: With echoed of Orwell’s 1984, the forever war ramps up again in Somalia: U.S. Putting Boots Back On The Ground In Somalia.

WWIII: The Korean war is beginning to take shape. The US is getting its pieces in place on the board, as are Russia and China: China, Russia Dispatch Naval Vessels To Track USS Carl Vinson To Korean Peninsula. Note the Carl Vinson is supposed to be in place by Apr. 25 according to this article (current location). It would seem unlikely that events would start before this asset is in place.

The scope of the playing field is being delineated: North Korea Would Target US Military Bases In Asia-Pacific; South Korean Presidency If U.S. Attacks. As a game of poker it’s ” I’ll see your MOAB and raise you an ICBM”: North Korea Shows Off New ICBM, Sub-Based Missiles As US Aircraft Carrier Approaches. For a good rundown of North Korean offensive military technology read: A Visual Guide To North Korea’s Military Capabilities.

Here are some musings (not mine) for your consideration: Tillerson In Moscow: Is World War III Back On Track?. Also, for US military aficionados: US Conducts Successful Field Test Of New Nuclear Bomb.

Bits and Pieces: Just to capture the link: Armstrong On Why Cycles Exist.

Something of interest to follow: U.S. Insurers Sue Saudis For $4.2 Billion Over 9/11. This is in addition to the multi-billion civil class action suit. This has the potential, if the government doesn’t step in and quash the suits, to bring to light political collusion over the issue.

From our friend Paul Merkley, a new essay: “PALESTINE”: ANOTHER “ARAB STATE?.

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