Bits and Pieces – 20170810, Thursday

Commentary: Martin Armstrong’s computer model has picked Aug. 12-13 and Sept. 11-12 as two key dates when a Korean conflict may begin: North Korea – Beware August 2017. That makes this weekend critical. There is more below that shows the growing tensions. George Friedman thinks there will be war but offers his thinking on NK behaviour: North Korea, Nukes and Negotiations. Finally … US “Confirms” N.Korea Has ICBM-Ready Nuclear Warheads, North Korea Responds To Trump Threat, Says It Is “Seriously Considering” Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike On Guam, and Trump Threatens North Korea With “Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen Before”. Which side makes the first move?

Some folks are beginning to look at the cost of a war with NK. Since the extent of the destruction cannot be known in advance, one can identify impacts while not being able to estimate them accurately. Read: How A Renewed Korean Conflict Is Going To Be Felt Around The Globe and “Under Any Analysis, It’s Insanity”: What War With North Korea Could Look Like.

Late comentary provides insight into one of the preferreed options: Pentagon Unveils Plan For “Pre-Emptive Strike” On North Korea. Most parties agree the a negotiated settlement would be the preferred option of them all.

I thought summer was supposed to be the quiet time when everyone went to the beach. The fall should be a doozy.

WWIII: It amazes me that the governments of the EU and the Eastern European countries continue to support the continuing buildup of NATO forces on their soil: NATO Beefs Up Logistics Infrastructure For Offensive Operations. NATO, a surrogate of the American Empire, is the main military tool of the AE in the US – Russian conflict. The US has opened economic warfare against Russia. If you believe them, cyber warfare skirmishes have already occurred. The American people are being prepared for war through the propaganda (fake news) of the mainstream media through the repeated and baseless (have any real evidence been presented to date?) vilification of Russia.

The military is fighting the last war which became nuclear only in its final stage and not in any tactical sense. The next war will see nuclear tipped cruise missiles and IRBMs eliminating the new NATO installations in the opening minutes of war. Poland, the Baltics and other states will have their own Hiroshimas except dozens of times over. Why not pull out of NATO and work towards peace and leave the AE exposed without a “coalition of the willing” to hide behind.

A thesis that I had used in a recent post without support was that currency wars lead to trade wars that lead to kinetic wars. Here’s support for this thesis: Now, A Trade War; Next A Shooting War? In the case of the use of sanctions as a prelude to war, the following article lists recent examples in which the US has sanctioned countries before attacking them: If America Was Trying to Start a World War, This Is How It Would Happen.

Isn’t NK enough for now? Is the AE going to take on everyone as suggested by an article of a few days ago and Trump’s continued provocation of a number of states: Trump Provokes China Again, Sends Another Destroyer To South China Sea.

Want more? Let’s have China and India go at it: In Escalating Standoff, Indian Army Orders People Near Chinese Border To Vacate Village.

The American Empire (AE): Here’s an update on a part of the Empire’s periphery that has been out of the new for a while: Trump’s Emerging Afghan Policy. Empires are rarely popular except among those who are covered by its interests: Polls: US Is ‘the Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today’.

Canada Corner: From martin Armstrong we read that the government may be altering the way small business distribute earnings: Canada Looking to Tax Small Business 93%?. Keep in mind that most employment comes from small business and not the GMs and the Bombardiers that receive enormous subsidies to preserve their few jobs.

Climate: I have previously published links to the earlier articles in this series: Nature Unbound IV – The 2400 Bray cycle. Part C. Far from a settled sciece, climate science seems slow to adapt solar variability. I have seen no articles considering the climatic effect of a moving north pole. A friend alerted me to a new revision to one temperature data set from Dr. Roy Spencer: Version 6.0 of the UAH Temperature Dataset Released: New LT Trend = +0.11 C/decade.

Bits and Pieces: Here is a perspective that is novel: The Cost Of Light Through The Ages.

I had to work for my grades, stress be damned: Professor Lets Students Choose Their Own Grades For “Stress Reduction”.

Employing confirmation bias on one of my personal themes: Vladimir the Great Sums Up Pope Francis the Fake! Well said.

Here’s a brief article on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency: Is Bitcoin Money? It notes the volatility of value (what a Bitcoin is deemed to be worth in dollars). It doesn’t address the underlying issue of determining value in terms of Bitcoin without doing a translation through dollars.

In the world of unintended consequences: From Coke To Coors: Philly Soda Tax Leading To Alcoholism As Beer Now Cheaper Than Soda. Will the city fathers admit their mistake? Not.

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