Bits and Pieces – 20170901, Friday

Commentary: As food for thought, consider: Two New Totalitarian Movements: Radical Islam and Political Correctness. The former idea is not new new to readers of this blog but the latter may be. Rather it is a popular manifestation of totalitarian thought and practice in the West.

Civil Unrest: An Intimate History of Antifa. Also others are commenting on the rise of violence in division: The Rising Trend of Civil Unrest and Threats of political violence rise in polarized Trump era. Martin Armstron also comments: Extreme Left & Extreme Right Believe in the Same Thing – Oppress all Opposition. Finally, you won’t hear about this on the CBC: FBI, DHS Officially Classify Antifa Activities As “Domestic Terrorist Violence”.

Martin Armstrong identifies an aspect of the civil war in the US at the political level when he notes that Trump has been under continuous attack since he became president: Trying to Force Trump to Resign.

WWIII: Here is a thoughtful interpretation of the current state of US/NK negotiations. The weekend missile test may signal something other than what the mainstream response would suggest: In North Korea, Perception Is Reality. It points out how delicate and precarious our individual understanding of things may be.

The American Empire (AE): The reaches of empire: All The Countries America Has Invaded… In One Map.

Climate: Since Judith Curry retired from academia and started her own company, she hasn’t blogged as much. Here’s her analysis of hurricane Harvey: Hurricane Harvey: long-range forecasts. What I find handy is this list off Cat 4-5 U.S. landfalling hurricanes:

One can readily see from the data that global warming mythology and extreme weather hysteria doesn’t correlate to CO2 in the atmosphere. Here are 2 videos debunking climate hysteria that I came across this weekend:


This last one is excellent because it is given by a paleoclimatologist. The climate hysteria crowd with their models consider a time frame of one or two hundred years (and still can’t get it right) which is insignificant in terms of the history of the earth’s climate.

Bits and Pieces: From my good friend Paul Merkley: The Night When the Statues Disappeared.

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