Bits and Pieces – 20170909, Saturday

Commentary: A little unfocused this week. If you’re a goldbug, listen to Andrew Maguire: Whistleblower Andrew Maguire Exposed 14 Days Ago ‘Vampire Squid’ Goldman Sachs Was Moving In For The Kill. Maguire Now Says Admission By Goldman’s Currie Is A Big Deal.I think it was back in July when I  (I hope) drew attention to an earlier interview with him. Anyone who paid attention and purchased call options on GLD and SLV has done very well.

He is talking about a reset of the price of gold to significantly higher levels. Jim Rickards recently did a podcast selling his investment letter with a headline of $10,000 gold based on the premise of a global currency reset to a gold-backed scheme. A plausible argument but I’m not trading it.

WWIII: As it appeared negotiation may perhaps have a chance and commentary suggested that Kim Jong-Un had blinked, it turns out that maybe it was just a speck of dirt in his eye. Yesterday he seems to have performed another nuclear test of larger magnitude, this while bragging about having a miniaturized thermonuclear warhead: North Korea Conducts Nuclear Test, Riling International Community. Much has been said about the NK need to save face – that Kim must appear strong and successful to his people to avoid losing his head, literally, Trump and the Americans have a need to save face also and send a message to the restive parts of the Empire that they are still in control. But is their thinking sufficiently correct to buttress any form of action: Three Dangerous Delusions about Korea?

A NK war can be nuclear: Trump Commits To Using “Nuclear Capabilities” To Defend US Terroritory, Allies. And what recently surprised me was the fact that South Korea has ballistic missiles of its own(non-nuclear): South Korea Holds Ballistic Missile Drill “Targeting North Korea Nuclear Test Site”.

George Friedman’s company put out this analysis of the NK situation: North Korea Calls Washington’s Bluff. Summarizing it, the US will likely have to attack and try and destroy the NK weapons program. SK cannot afford a war that will likely destroy Seol. The US will sacrifice SK for its own interest of eliminating a threat that it hasn’t been able to reduce by other means. Martin Armstrong has given Sept. 11-12 as the likely start of war. We’ll see but it doesn’t look likely from Saturday evening.

Finally, the end game may be: A Nuclear North Korea Is Here To Stay.

In a bizarre move, the US has violated the diplomatic immune status of Russia’s San Fransisco consulate: Russia Urges Washington To “Come To Their Senses” Over Consulate, Denounces “Blunt Act Of Hostility”.

The American Empire (AE): If, as the next article suggests, Assad is regaining control of his country, what will be the response of the AE: Syrian Army Breaks Deir Ezzor Siege At Moment The National Soccer Team Stuns World? The CIA program to overthrow Assad which Chalmers Johnson (last night I discovered this lucid analysis of the geopolitics of the AE: Chalmers Johnson on American Hegemony. Go to the 21:45 mark) describes as the private agent of the Executive Branch for foreign intervention has ostensibly been terminated. Has the AE then lost in Syria or is the CIA beyond Trump’s control and still operating in the region to try and effect regime change? It will be interesting to see if Trump will directly intervene if prompted from behind the curtain.

Canada Corner: Apparently Canadians are of the mindset that if you’re in the hole simply keep on digging and you’ll come out in China or someplace: Canadians Are Borrowing Against Real Estate At The Fastest Pace Ever. When the Great Reset happens, great shall be the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Bits and Pieces: If you thought that the university campus had descended as far as it could into emotional anarchy and cognitive collapse you hadn’t factored in the attack of the banana peel: “Ole Miss Goes Bananas”: Dear Parents, How’s This For A $40K A Year Education?

An EMP event should be treated with a risk assessment and remediation program similar in scale to Y2K. Context for this is the NK nuclear test and threat to use EMP: A “Super-Powerful” EMP Attack: North Korea’s Newest Weapon Against The U.S.

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