Bits and Pieces – 20170924, Sunday

Commentary: A favourite theme, the impermanence of democracy, is discussed in this article: The Sandcastle. We are near the end for this cycle.

Civil Unrest: The emergence of populism as a global force pitted against the globalism of the liberal, intellectual class is explained in this article that also explains why it is here to stay: The collapse of the Western middle class points towards the end of political centrism. What’s the future for democracy?.

WWIII: This is where it starts: China Warns Trump: “We Will Back North Korea If The US Strikes First”. Will the US call the Chinese bluff? Are they bluffing? Does the US feel ready to test this? The US is the only player that is prepared to go to war over NK and in some quarters may be said to actually want war. The bigger threat is not to the US militarily but to the hegemony of the AE.

The American Empire (AE): This article documents the threats and changes to US global hegemony: The Dangerous Decline Of U.S. Hegemony. Is this the last stage of empire? In our global electronic society, can the fall of empires happen much faster than that of earlier empires such as the Roman and British?

It is interesting to see that the DOD is operating  clandestinely in Syria : Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels. That DOD is working with arms dealers and criminal groups in Eastern Europe establishes the morality of the US position. That the arms are going to groups like Al Qaeda (remember that the destruction of this group that was declared responsible for 9/11 was the primary basis for much of US wars abroad from that point on but now we give them weapons).

Climate: There is much serious real climate research going on and it does not concern CO2. Here’s an example: Nature Unbound V – The elusive 1500-year Holocene cycle. It is interesting that supervolcanoes spaced around the globe are all rumbling a bit: Scientists Say Italian Supervolcano Is “Becoming More Dangerous” As Magma Builds Beneath It.

Bits and Pieces: Hey, wait a minute: Elon Musk Magically Extends Battery Life Of Teslas Fleeing Irma. Do you know when you buy a Tesla that the company controls by software and remotely how far you can go on a battery charge? This is like buying a Chevy with a 40 litre tank which will only take 30 litres unless GM installs a software upgrade that allows you to fill more, an upgrade that will vanish and turn your vehicle back to 30 litres at GM’s whim.

Here’s an update on my candidate for evil incarnate: George Soros And The Politics Of Hope And Hate.

Note to self. Kyle Bass recommends the book “Destined for War” by Graham Allison, as one of the best books he has read.

Finally, here is a new essay by Paul Merkley: CANADA’S BID TO RETURN TO THE SECURITY COUNCIL.

Canada Corner: Martin Armstrong on Canadian taxes: Canada’s Hunt for Taxes – Trudeau’s Destruction of the Canadian Economy. And a wake-up call for Justin: General Confirms “US Policy Is Not To Defend Canada” In The Event Of A Missile Attack.

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