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Commentary: While politicians, bureaucrats, the media and the general public are obsessing over the impact of anthropogenic CO2 on the climate and a segment of the climate science industry is busy trying to make models and data agree with the political agenda, other climate scientists are studying a much broader range of factors that are affecting our climate.

When I first wrote about climate issues I began with the data from the Vostok ice core. It measures temperature and atmospheric CO2 over the last ~400,000 years. What stands out from the data is that there is a periodic pattern of glaciation followed by a shorter warming period. We are just coming off the top of the latest inter-glacial period.

The other notable observation is that CO2 shows a rise and fall that correlates with temperature but lags the temperature by as much as several hundred years. The  tunnel vision of the anthropogenic  global warming (AGW) science crowd seems to totally ignore this historic climate record.

Figure 1. The Vostock ice core data.

Research into various cycles associated with ocean currents and solar events is making good progress in showing how a number of cyclical systems interact to contribute to global temperature over the long term. On this topic, here are several papers published by Judith Curry on her blog, on solar and climatic cycles:

  1. Nature Unbound I: The Glacial Cycle
  2. Nature Unbound II: The Dansgaard- Oeschger Cycle
  3. Nature Unbound III: Holocene climate variability (Part A)
  4. Nature Unbound IV – The 2400 Bray cycle. Part C
  5. Nature Unbound V – The elusive 1500-year Holocene cycle
  6. Nature Unbound VI – Centennial to millennial solar cycles

The 9th entry discusses the compound effect of various solar cycles and concludes in part:

In all cases a decadal or longer decrease in solar activity is associated with a decrease in temperatures and a change in precipitation patterns. A 10-year delay between solar changes and climatic changes is observed in some studies.

Another conclusion is that The ~ 100-year Feynman solar cycle is responsible for the present extended solar minimum.

Of note is the decadal delay mentioned between the onset of the current grand solar minimum (GSM) and global cooling. That the solar minimum is expected to last until 2032 suggests that we are entering a period of global cooling comparable to the minima of the previous two centuries that will extend into the 2040s. Reduced agricultural production in this period will coincide with the total calorie production deficit forecast to occur in the next decade under normal temperature conditions (watch the video in Bits and Pieces – 20171126, Sunday).

If the reduction in agricultural production bears out – and we may be seeing evidence already – expect much higher food costs and famine emerging within 5 years. These costs will take away consumption from other sectors of the economy, particularly in discretionary service industries like fast foods where the bulk of jobs have been created in recent years.

This will be part of an economic decline in parallel with rising unemployment and rising social service costs. Globally we will have widespread social unrest, famine, disease, and war.

As an aside, the site Ice Age Farmer published a video commentary, Agung Shifting the Narrative to HIDE Grand Solar Minimum, suggesting that the increase in global volcanic activity will provide the AGW crowd with an excuse for blaming any global cooling on volcanoes rather than actual temperature decline associated with the new GSM.

Martin Armstrong has published a long (for him) blog article on solar cycles and seismic and volcanic events: Climate Change – Earthquakes Caused by Complex Cycles (Part I) and Climate Change – Volcanoes (Part II). He cites a study that found high correlations between the low sunspot activity of GSMs and the geophysical events, 80% for volcanoes and 100% with large earthquakes. Indeed, we are experiencing increases in the number of earthquakes, especially magnitude 5 (follow the YouTube channel of dutchsinse) and greater, and the number of volcanoes erupting. People fixated on CO2 as a component of climate change remain clueless of this research and the actual changes happening.

WWIII: The current threat level: Former U.S. Defense Secretary Explains Why Nuclear Holocaust Is Now Likely. The article puts Perry’s remarks into a proper perspective.

Bits and Pieces: How our current culture is killing creativity: Digital Distraction Is Bad for Creativity.

What took them so long: Republicans Prepare For War With FBI, DOJ: To File Contempt Action Over Anti-Trump Bias?

As an English speaker you might find this map interesting: A Map Showing How Much Time It Takes to Learn Foreign Languages: From Easiest to Hardest.

Martin Armstrong has some succinct points about Bitcoin: Is Cryptocurrency a Government Plot?. I doubt that the government could have foreseen how Bitcoin would be received and how it is being used as a speculative device. Elsewhere I read that the IRS in the US has required a major Bicoin exchange to hand over all of their transactions for 2013-2015 since Bitcoin profits are considered capital gains which must be declared.

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