Bits and Pieces – 20171215, Friday

WWIII: The following article provides a summary of the multinational military activity in the wars in Iraq and Syria. The accuracy of the numbers may be questioned but the key point is that this is a global war. It is notable that Canada’s role has been omitted: World War in Syria and Iraq (MAP).

The American Empire (AE): What the Americans after several years could not accomplish (because as has been widely discussed and documented, they didn’t want to) the Russians have apparently accomplished: Russia Announces The Complete Destruction Of ISIS In Syria. However, fear not as the Western Alliance has allowed numbers of ISIS fighters to escape and disperse to other theaters, ensuring the forever war against terrorism will continue unabated and the US military/industrial complex’s existence and profitability will be ensured: Thousands of ISIS members were secretly allowed to leave Raqqa with weapons and ammo — and the US knew about it.

Climate: If you’re not following Ice Age Farmer: ‘Cold Times’ Indeed; Grid Down for 480,000; Folks Waking Up as Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies. Consider: UK Heating Gas Prices Spike To 2013 Highs Amid Weather “Yellow Warning” and the news of a couple of weeks earlier: Britain to be hit by THREE WEEKS of -12C Arctic blasts and “significant snowfall” as health chiefs issue warning.

Readers of this blog (other than the webcrawlers that catalogue it for search engines) will know that I am careful to distinguish weather events from climate change. Weather events are local, singular perturbations in the global climate. As such they eventually contribute a single data point to the climate records. There seem to be enough reports, however, as well as academic research reviewed by the Ice Age Farmer, to point to global cooling in effect.

Curiously, in collecting references for this note I came across this reference from the winter of 2014-2015: Winter death toll ‘to exceed 40,000’. Note that the number of deaths anticipated was the same number for this winter. Elsewhere, I have read that Britain has had a string of  3 or 4 winters of abnormal cold. For example, from last winter: THUNDERSNOW threat: UK put on health alert as freezing temperatures sweep in.

In any event, the UK government has published a guideline for cold weather preparedness: Cold Weather Plan For England Making the Case: Why long-term strategic planning for cold weather is essential to health and wellbeing. This is for single weather events and not for a cooling climate which would require much more extensive planning and preparedness.

The recent reference point is the winter of 2009-2010 which was the coldest in 100 years: A LOOK BACK: European Winter Of 2009-10. This suggests a short-term climatic change may be in place rather than a string of weather events although the two may be the same.

On another note is this article debunking the claim that California wildfires are caused by climate change: Is climate change the culprit causing California’s wildfires?. The chart of total annual fires is worth noting for future discussion’s sake.

Bits and Pieces: I have not sen any adequate discription of Bitcoin today so I am working through the algorithm. In the meantime, two articles should raise red flags on its use as a currency: Largest Crypto-Mining Exchange Confirms It Was Hacked, $62 Million In Bitcoin Stolen and Nearly 4 Million Bitcoins Lost Forever, New Study Says. Keep in mind that the algorithm limits  the total number of Bitcoins that can be created (apparently) to around 21 million and already, of these, almost 20% have apparently been lost.

The next video I found I wanted to listen to right to the end. The interviewee has the opinion as do a number of prominent individuals that I follow, that there will be no market cash but there will be a meaningful correction of 15-25% next year: Catherine Austin Fitts –Smart Money Buying Gold and Land. Her report is The Solari Report .

Recent financial crises have been characterzed by low liquidity or the unavailability of curreny units to the market. Bitcin, were it to become mainstream, would be particularly vulnerable to liquidity crises since Bitcoins can mot be creaed by fiat. Also, any currency with the kind of volatility demonstrated today is useful only as a speculative medium: Bitcoin Gains $6000 In 12 Hours – Soars Above $19,000.

I have written in the past about the negative impacts of raising minimum wages and here’s a supporting article: More Evidence That Rising Minimum Wages Are Going To Crush The Restaurant Industry.

Canada Corner: Without comment, an interesting read: Toronto’s Housing Bubble Is Crushing The Strip Club Industry. Also, Martin Armstrong has this short blog piece: The Separatist Movements in Canada & One-Size-Fits-All of Marx.

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