Bits and Pieces – 20180117, Wednesday

Commentary: In law, hearsay carries little weight. It is the “he said … she said” conundrum. When it comes down to a person’s word, it actually carries little weight. When it might, the credibility of witnesses is attacked vigorously, especially when no other proof of position is available.

A moment of illumination occurred tonight as I watched a video in which the commentator pointed out that there is no evidence that Trump uttered the “shithole” remark about countries that the expression aptly describes. Apparently, the assertion that he made it comes from the Washington Post, a demonstrably anti-Trump source of “fake news”, whose reporters were present at a White House meeting. No audio or video record of the meeting has come to light although the White House has said that they have such, being now standard practice to record all meetings.

That the MSM and the Liberal intelligentsia have had an orgasm over the attributed comment is of no surprise. What really hit me though was the fact that I had assumed the comment was true without any thought or question. I hope I will be more vigilant in the future, even if I do not report anything on the the issue I am considering as s the case here..

WWIII: Here’s a war to watch out for: Gulf tension: Are Egypt and Sudan about to go to war? This would presumably be a regional war sponsored by the major regional powers. Global powers need not apply although the arms they produce would be welcome.

Next we have comments on NATO aggresion … er … expansion: Big Guns, Better Chow, And More US-NATO Aggression.

The American Empire (AE): The traditional view of war has been limited to kinetic conflict. In today’s globally connected world, war has significant other dimensions notably economics and cyber-warfare. The nature of cyber attacks is that done skillfully – and most state actors are very skillful as we saw from the dump of hacked NSA hacking tools onto the dark web – it is very difficult to identify the actual perpetrators. So far attacks are in the form of initial probes and skirmishes.

Economic warfare, however, has been actively employed for years, primarily in the form of sanctions. Naval blockades of the past had an economic as well as a military dimension, notably the US blockade of Japan’s oil imports in the 1930s leading to WWII. Their present form as sanctions are routine and are in place against Russia, North Korea, Iran and minor states.

A related form of economic warfare is the trade war. Trump has threatened China with this and I expect he will move in that direction. To see how China might respond read: As North Korea Goes Nuclear, U.S.-China Relations Sour. Also read: US And China Brace For Trade War That Could Rattle Global Economy.

Climate: Here’s a half hour interview with Valentina Zharkova that is a must see: Our Very Special Guest Valentina Zharkova – Grand Solar Minimum Channel GSM Global Cooling. She is a solar physicist doing research on solar magnetic fields and their interactive effects on producing solar activity, particularly sunspots and total solar irradiance (TSI) or output.

Image result for total solar irradiance graph

Bits and Pieces: I have written of the folly of minimum wage hikes and won’t repeat it but I will publish examples: A Curious Thing Happened When Ontario Hiked Minimum Wages By Over 20%. Also is this update from the fast food industry: Minimum Wage Massacre: Jack In The Box CEO Says “Just Makes Sense” To Replace Workers With Robots.

The diner where we eat breakfast hiked prices last week. We will simply eat out less often. This may cause marginal businesses to close with a loss of jobs.

Another take on multiculturalism: Hungary’s PM: “We Don’t See Them As Refugees, We See Them As Muslim Invaders”.

The Zuma satellite that I had referenced in my last post failed to achieve orbit, a multi-billion dollar loss. Sources described it as a spy satellite rather than an orbital nuclear weapon that had been postulated earlier: Highly Classified Satellite Plummeted Into Indian Ocean After SpaceX Launch, Official Confirms.

We are under attack although in ways you might not have considered. Today’s examples: Meritocracy is a ‘tool of whiteness,’ claims math professor and Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide? It is interesting that the attack has moved from white people ostensibly exhibiting characteristics such as racism and misogyny (in white men) to attacks on whites in general.

It is interesting to see that the thinking and actions of university officials with their creation of safe places, language restrictions and thought control built on political correctness, has moved into Silicon Valley with the graduates hired by the big high tech firms. We see it in Facebook and Amazon.

Google provides a case to study in the submission for a lawsuit against anti-white hiring practices and its attendant culture: “How To Properly Punch A Nazi” & Other Insane Tidbits From James Damore’s Lawsuite Against Google. We assume the claims will be backed up in court.

Here’s another view of social media: Latest O’Keefe Video Exposes How Creepy Twitter Really Is: “They’re Paid To Look At Your Dick Pics”. And Facebook uses questionable filtering processes on content: Facebook: Championing Blasphemy Laws.

Although I read news items everyday on the Mueller probe, the Clinton Foundation and FBI and DOJ investigations, I rarely reporting anything. However, this one points in an interesting direction, whether or not it is pursued: FBI Probe Into Russian Uranium Bribes Concealed By Obama DOJ; Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein Involved. We are certainly familiar wityh the cast of characters.

How do you drain a swamp when your a creature that lives in it: As No One Watched, Trump Pardoned 5 Megabanks For Corruption Charges?

You may recall that I had used estimates of power required for BitCoin transactions to project that they could exceed the global electricity supply in their need for electrical power. The issue remains open and we don’t know how much power it takes. Apparently, the answer is “a lot” when you have to have your own power station: Investors Are Buying Power Stations In Russia To Mine Cryptocurrency.

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